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1st cycle of Clomid days 3-7, positive OPK on Day 23 of cycle

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Curiosity101 Mon 03-Aug-20 19:08:01

I dont have PCOS but when I conceived I worked the dates backwards and realised I must've ovulated around CD21. Sometimes we just ovulate late 🤷😊

Enjoy your TWW, hoping you get your BFP!

PurpleRain22 Mon 03-Aug-20 19:01:45

@Curiosity101 Thank you very much, I didnt think I would ovulate this late but as it's my very first positive opk I'm still excited grin Now to get over these horrid mood swings 😂

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Curiosity101 Mon 03-Aug-20 15:39:43

I'm not sure about the day 21 bloods but a positive OPK and EWCM are both fantastic signs. Also the fact you had this for the first time and on the first cycle taking Clomid.

My fingers are crossed for you. I think you've probably done everything about as perfectly as you could have. grin

PurpleRain22 Mon 03-Aug-20 15:08:50

Hi guys,

Fairly new to mumsnet but have always been a stalker 😂 This is my first cycle on clomid, I was diagnosed with PCOS and my cycles can be anywhere from 31-50 days in between. My Gynaecologist said I dont ovulate at all, but this is based on one blood test he did.

I have been using OPKs since day 9 of my cycle and it was always negative, so I just assumed it hadnt worked for me this month. However last night I notice some CM that was clear and almost jelly like so I did a test last night and I got 2 blazing red lines! I even did another one just to make sure it wasnt a dud test and the same result. Me and DH had not done any baby dancing for the previous 5 days and only did it last night due to the positive. Another OPk from today is still showing 2 red lines but is not nearly as strong as the one from last night. Do you think I could have ovulated?

I also had my day 21 bloods done on Friday so do you think its possible this will come back negative if I ovulated after day 21?

Thanks in advance all you wonderful ladies smile

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