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B100 complex vitamin during ttc and early pregnancy ?

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fizzyblush Mon 03-Aug-20 14:07:01

Hey ladies
I’m taking b 100 complex vitamin at the moment . And I am 5 weeks pregnant . Is it okay to take whilst pregnant and I also take a seven sea vitamin. The b 100 has all the b vitamins but the dose seems high. I took them whilst ttc to help with my hormone imbalances . I’ll attach a photo of what I’m taking . X thanks so much in advance

I don't want to stop them suddenly and it mess with my hormones etc when I'm
So early in pregnancy xx

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Curiosity101 Mon 03-Aug-20 14:24:35

You'll definitely be best asking the midwife and/or a GP. It's really tricky when it comes to supplements and medication because most of them haven't been tested on pregnant ladies. Once you're pregnant it's always best to follow medical advice.

Having said that, the only vitamin I know of where you have to be careful whilst pregnant is vitamin A. Too much Vitamin A can cause problems.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. 😊

Nazz10 Mon 03-Aug-20 15:04:05

Sorry, no answer but I would also like to know the answer to this. I started taking 50mg vit b6 this cycle due to spotting and short luteal phase and I am currently 4 weeks (so it obviously helped, or maybe just coincidence). Only got my positive last week but I'm scared of stopping taking it in case it all goes tits up

Nazz10 Mon 03-Aug-20 15:04:34

Congratulations btw @fizzyblush 👶🏼🥰

fizzyblush Tue 04-Aug-20 09:57:13

@Nazz10 congrats to you too lovely .
I don't want to stop taking the b100 for the same reason you described . I can't find anything solid online either xxx

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Nazz10 Tue 04-Aug-20 10:31:13

@fizzyblush thank you. Since I wasn't getting definitive answers from another thread I posted, I've stopped taking it last night and now taking pregnacare plus omega 3. They don't have the same amount in but at least it's still something. Hoping everything goes ok 🙈

fizzyblush Wed 05-Aug-20 16:06:45

So hard to know what to do isn't it x

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