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Very faint lines

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Phee119 Mon 03-Aug-20 11:20:27

So i’m a week late on my period and i’ve taken 5 tests. 4 came back with extremely faint positives and one was negative - I don’t know what to do from this point so if someone has any advice or know what’s going on that would be helpful ! Thank you smile

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Hlce24 Mon 03-Aug-20 13:48:25

I took so many dye tests that were faint and I couldn’t work out if I was seeing things or not hahaha! I ended up just getting a clear blue digital test as these give a definite answer! I reckon this is your best bet! They’re probably faint because if you are pregnant, it’s still very early on, you could’ve conceived later than expected etc. There are so many factors that could contribute to this! I’m 32 weeks pregnant now after getting extremely faint positives! Good luck I hope you get the result you’re after!x

Elouera Mon 03-Aug-20 13:51:16

COngrats. Make sure you are taking folic acid, if not already. Read up the NHS guidance on healthy eating and what to avoid.

In my area, you self refer to the midwifering team using their online forms. Some areas, you ring your GP and they refer you. I'd check your local hospital maternity services website to see if you can self refer, or ring your GP's receptionist for advice. Best of luck x

Phee119 Tue 04-Aug-20 15:24:43

@Hlce24 Haha that’s awesome ! Congrats (: ! And i will try to get a digital test on Friday and hope it says pregnant so I know i’m not going insane !

Thanks for your advice (:

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Phee119 Tue 04-Aug-20 15:25:04

Thank you so much for your advice ! (:

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