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Another line eyes...

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kirinm Mon 03-Aug-20 10:14:42

Promised myself I wouldn't test until AF is due but have been feeling really crappy the last few days. Massive headache and generally a little foggy. This is a pharmacy own brand and only picks up 25IU/ml. I'm either 11/12dpo. I had already been to the toilet several times before taking it but I assumed that if I'm feeling like this, there must be enough hormone in my system to pick up.

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somanystars Mon 03-Aug-20 10:18:45

I can see it 😊 I've read on here that these kind of strip tests can sometimes give quite faint lines even when more expensive tests would be giving stronger ones, so maybe try with another brand for a darker line?

kirinm Mon 03-Aug-20 10:20:33

Thanks @somanystars I bought a second one so will has that with FMU tomorrow and see if anything comes up before spending money on a decent test. I spent far too much money on FRERs last month!

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kirinm Mon 03-Aug-20 11:44:58

Another pic

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