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Another chemical pregnancy/early miscarriage!

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dreamerkr Sun 02-Aug-20 18:27:49

Hey guys. So, I’m having another chemical today at 4+3 weeks. Last June, I had a miscarriage at 5+4 weeks. Less than 2 months ago, this June, I had a chemical pregnancy at 4+4 weeks. So this is my third miscarriage in just over a year. I’m so done. I’m fed up! I have no idea what’s going on, and tbh, I’m not even upset right now. I’m just fed up, and I expected it to happen. 2 chemical pregnancies in 2 months. I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve been referred to the recurrent miscarriage unit at my local hospital, and I have my first appointment at the start of next month. Does anyone have any experiences of this?

I know it’s my fault for testing so early, but how could I not, with all the symptoms I was getting (tiredness, bloating, cramps, sore boobs)? I have an appointment with my GP over the phone tomorrow, so I’ll let her know. I’m just so fed up. But I know that I’ll try again as soon as the bleeding has finished. It literally just feels like a normal period tbh!

Something else... I’ve done lots of research and have even heard from people I know, that baby aspirin might work. A friend self prescribed it after her three miscarriages and she went on to have a live birth with her next two pregnancies. I don’t think it’d do any harm, so I might take that the next time I get a BFP. Should I take it after a BFP, or after ovulation? With my last two miscarriages, my cycle went back to normal straight away and i ovulated a week after the bleeding stopped, around day 14 like I do every month. If you were in my situation, would you try this month? I just don’t want to wait any longer, I’ve waited so long to get pregnant and then this keeps happening. I know I have my first appointment at the recurrent miscarriage unit in a month but I don’t want to wait a month. I want to keep trying. Can anyone give me any advice or any stories of their own experience? Thanks guys.

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dreamerkr Sun 02-Aug-20 19:32:15


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MouseholeCat Sun 02-Aug-20 22:51:24

I'm so, so sorry that you are going through this. I've also had 2 early miscarriages back to back and it's just so horrible. It's absolutely not your fault for testing early- these are real pregnancies and real losses. Think about it this way- if you didn't test and didn't know you wouldn't be getting access to the treatments that will help your pregnancies progress. Sending you a huge hug.

I wish I could share with you a success story and brilliant advice but this is all happened over the last few months and I'm now back in my TWW. If it's any help I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and am on Levothyroxine- it's a really common cause of recurrent miscarriage included in repeat loss panels and easily treated. Although my doctor says, as I am medicated, it probably isn't the cause for me. The levothyroxine massively helped my cycles though and got me ovulating more regularly. Since my last loss I've been put on low dose aspirin and COQ10 (for egg quality) and am awaiting progesterone testing results.

I found reading 'It starts with the egg' a huge comfort, it's definitely worth looking up.

dreamerkr Mon 03-Aug-20 10:57:12

@MouseholeCat I’m so sorry that you’re going through this too, it’s so difficult both emotionally and physically. I’m glad that I have my first appointment at the recurrent miscarriage unit in a month, hopefully they’ll be able to give me some answers.

I ovulate the same time every month, get my period the same day of every month (every 28 days), I take prenatal vitamins and try to eat as healthily as I can, and I have no idea what’s causing the miscarriages. Do you think I should take baby aspirin if I get pregnant this month? I know I have only a month left for my appointment but I don’t know if I want to wait. Baby aspirin wouldn’t do any harm, right?

It’s so crazy, last year when I had my miscarriage I had been trying on and off for almost a year. Then after that we stopped trying, and then again started trying around Feb of this year and I got pregnant in May and had a chemical in June. It didn’t take as long to get pregnant that time, or this time. Before this miscarriage, I had one period after the last chemical and then this happened again. So I feel like the Seven Seas conception pills have been helping me to conceive, definitely, as I’ve been taking them for the last three or so months although I forget some days. But sometimes I’m thinking, what if these pills cause it? I’m crazy, I know.

Perhaps I have low progesterone, I’m thinking this too. But I guess I’ll find out after my appointments when they look into it.

Are you trying for your first? x

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MouseholeCat Mon 03-Aug-20 12:31:40

Yes we're trying for #1- is it your first too?

I don't think it would cause harm to take baby aspirin but it might be worth waiting for the appointment just in case.

For progesterone, if you will have a luteal phase before the appt you can use Proov strips providing you're tracking your ovulation. They are like OPKs but for progesterone. A little pricey but justifiable for one cycle.

I think my prenatals helped my cycle to be more regular. It was never super irregular but my ovulation happened later and would hop around and now it's pretty consistent around CD14. So definitely not crazy to think that prenatals have an effect, but they definitely wouldn't be harmful.

dreamerkr Mon 03-Aug-20 12:59:08

Yes, we’re trying for our first too. I’m only 23 so fairly young, which makes me more confused about why it keeps happening. I had an appointment with my GP over the phone today and she just told me to wait for my appointment next month, that they’ll do lots of scans etc. Not too helpful tbh, but I guess they can’t really do much about it.

How do Proov strips work? I’ve never heard of them! I’m new to everything haha!

My GP told me the same, that prenatals wouldn’t be harmful and that I should keep taking them. So I’ll do that. Prenatals are making it easier for me to fall pregnant, my GP told me it might be better for me to not try this month before my appointment, but I don’t know... I don’t want to wait. And there’s no guarantee that it’ll happen again this month.

The GP also told me it could be genetic. Which makes sense, because my mum had 6 miscarriages before she had me.

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MouseholeCat Mon 03-Aug-20 22:08:48

Sorry for my slow replies btw- I'm in the US (but am a Brit) and work just eats up my crossover time.

Proov strips definitely work- they have some really good YouTube videos and lots of reviewers explaining how it works. I'm using them this cycle so I can take the results to the Doctor if there is an issue. Todays was negative (meaning low progesterone) but I don't know if I'm 6 or 7 days after ovulation- apparently, it's okay to have a negative on 6dpo, but not on 7dpo. Confusing right?!

We were told to wait a cycle too but I am very stubborn and decided to keep trying each time. It just didn't seem worth waiting when I knew I'd ovulate again on time and I was only a couple of days late on my normal period anyway.

Whistle73 Mon 03-Aug-20 22:24:20

I've had five miscarriages (also have two amazing daughters). After the third when I got pg with DD2 I was put on baby aspirin so thought as I went on to have a successful pregnancy that it was because of that. However did miscarry twice afterwards on it too so just don't know! I'd say it's worth a try though!

dreamerkr Mon 03-Aug-20 23:52:21

@MouseholeCat very confusing! Haha! I was searching up the Proov strips because they have good reviews but it seems as though they’re not available in England? I can’t seem to find them!

And it’s exactly the same with me. I’m way too stubborn, and I don’t think I’m gonna wait for a month. I ovulate at the same time every month, so something else is the matter with me.

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dreamerkr Mon 03-Aug-20 23:53:59

@Whistle73 five? I’m so sorry to hear that! sad
Yes, I’ve read a lot of good things about baby aspirin so I think I’ll be giving that a go when I get my BFP. Btw, did you start taking it after your BFP or did you take it at the start of the cycle or after ovulation? I’m confused on when I should take it. It shouldn’t be harmful as it’s such a small dosage.

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Whistle73 Tue 04-Aug-20 14:53:31

Thanks @dreamerkr I hope you get good news soon. I took it after I got a positive. I was being investigated for recurrent miscarriage at the time and the clinic advised me to take it.

dreamerkr Tue 04-Aug-20 18:11:15

@Whistle73 thanks, I think I’ll try it too the next time I get a BFP. Are you TTC again?

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Boc86 Tue 04-Aug-20 19:39:07

Sorry to hear of your struggles

I’ve had two chemicals in a row and have started myself on baby aspirin, seven seas trying for a baby, vit b6 and vit c
I have a short luteul phase and worry my progesterone is low x

dreamerkr Wed 05-Aug-20 11:32:08

@Boc86 I’m sorry to hear about your chemicals. It’s so difficult to even have one and then.. this happens. It’s so annoying. Have you started taking the aspirin or will you take it after your BFP? I’m thinking of taking it after I get a BFP. I’m already taking the seven seas trying for a baby pills, it’s been three months and I’ve conceived twice in these three months so they definitely help. I don’t think the chemicals are linked to these, I’m worried about my progesterone being low too even though my luteal phase I think is normal? It’s around 13 days. x

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dreamerkr Wed 05-Aug-20 11:33:56

Also, my bleeding after my chemical has almost finished. It’s only the fourth day. On the first two days I did pass a lot of clots, including two big ones. TMI, sorry! Is this normal though, for the bleeding to only be for four days?

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dreamerkr Thu 06-Aug-20 16:34:00

Okay so my bleeding stopped completely yesterday morning and now I’ve had another gush of red blood. No cramping but bleeding has started again. What on earth is going on? Anyone??

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dizzydaydream24 Thu 06-Aug-20 16:41:36

I am so sorry to hear this. I had a chemical miscarriage last month and it really affected my OH. I have 2 teenage children who I conceived easily in my 20's. Now at 39 I am struggling.

I have had an implantation bleed today, amongst other implantation signs. I am convinced the same thing will happen again and it will never stick.

Any advice on how to encourage implantation to stick would be welcome.

Age and time aren't on my side.

dizzydaydream24 Thu 06-Aug-20 16:42:43

I bled for around 4 days after my chemical last month in much the same way with clots before red blood if that helps.

Boc86 Thu 06-Aug-20 16:59:39

I started the aspirin just after finishing my period, wanted to be good and covered!
Yes your luteul phase looks good, mines 9-10 days sad
My bleeding was 3 days first time and 2 second time! And that second day I only really bled in the morning

dreamerkr Thu 06-Aug-20 17:03:41

@dizzydaydream24 I’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriage! And I’m sorry but I don’t have any advice because I need the same advice myself! I don’t know how to make it stick sad

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dreamerkr Thu 06-Aug-20 17:05:25

@Boc86 I want to start taking aspirin soon too but I’ve heard that it might affect implantation? I’m not sure, but this scares me. So I might wait until after a BFP.
My bleeding is weird because it completely stopped for a day and a half and now it’s started again and it’s red again! I don’t know what’s going on, I thought it was over.

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Boc86 Thu 06-Aug-20 17:33:50

It aids implantation because it ensures a good healthy blood flow to the uterus developing the lining which is needed to sustain a pregnancy x

dreamerkr Thu 06-Aug-20 21:24:11

@Boc86 I will start taking it soon then.

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Boc86 Fri 07-Aug-20 07:07:23

Have a good google because I think it depends on why you’re taking it
I’m taking it for my blood clotting disorder so need it before implantation so thin my thicker blood and support the growth of my lining x

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