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Late period but negative tests??

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Butterflyy20 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:59:44

i came off the pill last month and expecting my period now i've has loads of cramps sore boobs etc like my period will start but nothing. i'm 5 days late now. i've taken tests the other day and it's negative. Is this normal could i still be pregnant or is it another reason??? TIA xx

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Bhbunny Sun 02-Aug-20 16:04:01

It’s probably the change In no longer taking the pill. It can take us a bit of time to adjust and re calibrate. Couple months ago I got my period two weeks early, and then it’s resumed as normal. If you’re unsure maybe go to the doctors in a couple of weeks.

Juno231 Sun 02-Aug-20 16:31:29

If you've just come off the pill how do you know if AF is late? As in, you won't know after one cycle if you're regular yet. You probably just ovulated later this cycle and that's why AF hasn't been due yet. If you haven't ovulated at all yet you might also been for an extra long cycle. Some of the women on the advice after pill thread are on CD133 without a period! Point is, give your body some time to recover from the pill and don't expect AF to show up on time just yet smile

pooopypants Sun 02-Aug-20 16:32:11

How do you know you're late if you've just come off the pill?

Nam095 Sun 02-Aug-20 17:24:11

Hey I came off my pill on 3rd July and have had sore boobs/nips every single day since the 12th, still experiencing it now. As the others have said it takes time for your body to go back to normal smile I haven’t had a proper period yet but had a withdrawal bleed 24-28th then ovulated only yesterday. If you don’t get any bleed after 3 months of coming off the pill then speak to your GP

Butterflyy20 Sun 02-Aug-20 20:09:37

thanks everyone and @pooopypants before when i have come off the pill i have been regular after. i got pregnant with my son as soon as i came off the pill didn't even have a period after. so just assumed i would be pretty much the same

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