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TTC after MC - August 2020 (Thread 9)

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VP91x Sun 02-Aug-20 10:03:53

Hey ladies,

Fingers crossed for lots of BFPs this month as we are definitely due some!

BFP list❤️



I'm CD11, waiting for something (anything) to happen this month 😂. Only taking my Inofolic Alpha this cycle and nothing else.

Hope I've tagged everyone xx

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Northernsoul90 Sun 02-Aug-20 10:12:19

Thank you for the new thread @VP91x 😘

I'm currently in the tww - 9dpo sipping Pom Juice and taking calc Fluor 😂. Hope everyone is well.

@Lollol86 It is so hard to wait. I just hate the limbo though of having to retest and get my hopes up when testing early so I just try to hold out 🤞🏼

Lollol86 Sun 02-Aug-20 10:16:20

@Northernsoul90 oh yes what you are saying makes total sense, I just seem to get ahead of myself.

@VP91x thank you for the new thread xx

2020wish Sun 02-Aug-20 10:17:57

Thanks for new thread

VP91x Sun 02-Aug-20 10:24:12

@Pugprincess you are still suuuper early, so give it a couple more days at least and then test. Don't be discouraged!

@Lollol86 sometimes you can have a couple of peaks or fluctuate so don't worry too much.

@1990EM I'm glad all is okay, frustrating that they are backlogged on the scans. Would you consider getting a private one if it was still a few weeks away? The nausea is so crap though especially if you have that sicky feeling allll day long. Is anything helping?

Yeah, I'm okay actually. I think because instead of stressing if I have ovulated if my temps go crazy then I have my blood test to confirm anyway. Also, my gynae appt is next month too so I'll get some progress there, so it has made me relax soooo much more. Xx

@2020wish completely understand why you feel like that, if you're getting no time together it is so hard and especially when pregnant. I would just explain it to him again and ask him to make sure he is making you the priority on days off etc. I'm sure his friends would understand regardless. Xx

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MichT4 Sun 02-Aug-20 10:29:33

Thanks @VP91x we'll be in double figures thread soon xx

MrsK21 Sun 02-Aug-20 10:33:33

Thanks for the new thread @VP91x how are you doing?

@MichT4 hope you're having a lovely break and enjoying relaxing. Your new puppy looks so so cute!

@Northernsoul90 really hoping you don't get AF and it's a BFP!

@SmileyT good luck this morning hun, everything crossed for you

@Lollol86 @Rainbowhope11 I'm feeling better today but so incredibly sick from the heat continuously. Don't think it's nausea from anything else unfortunately 😂

MrsK21 Sun 02-Aug-20 10:42:53

@VP91x @MichT4 chart buddies!! I forgot to also say that FF thinks I've ovulated from my temps. I've tried really hard to do it accurately. If I get my AF in the next couple of weeks I'll be over the moon 😊 attached my chart for your perusal lol

2020wish Sun 02-Aug-20 11:06:11

@MrsK21 ur chart looks really good and deffo looks like ovulation has happened!! Yay for the tww!

Hayley19835 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:06:47

@VP91x thanks for new thread.
Morning all, hows everyone doing today xx

2020wish Sun 02-Aug-20 11:08:44

@VP91x thank you. He’s retracted his priorities and now on his way home but I actually I’m so annoyed I don’t wanna be near him. Feel like the tone for the day is ruined and stressed and just want to sit on my own now and do my breathing technique lol ugh men

Northernsoul90 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:13:13

@MrsK21 Thank you! Your chart looks great so glad that your body seems to be regulating! Yay for tww xxx

Rebecca1992 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:14:00

@VP91x thanks for the new thread, just marking my place 😊

Firevie Sun 02-Aug-20 11:14:16

@VP91x many thanks for the new thread! I can actually join in with x days DPO conversations now yay!after having read all of your DPO stories! Seeing so many BFPs already really gives me hope after my MMC! I was wondering if we have anyone on here who has had a MMC and then gotten pregnant straight after before even having had the first AF? My doctor said absolutely nothing wrong with getting pregnant before First AF but may just be bit difficult with dating so I guess I was just wondering if anyone has got experiences to share. Also read somewhere that Pom Juice is good to drink for implantation so just told DH to get some. I drank it last week before ovulation lol xxx

chloedancer897 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:24:34

Marking my place!

@Pugprincess I think it's too early. You're just driving yourself insane (I've done it before so I know, it really doesn't help). I think 12DPO with FRER is a good time to test again if you can hold out. I honestly got line eyes in my last cycle and was convinced I saw stuff. It's cruel this TTC malarkey!

@2020wish I can understand your frustration. I'd be the same. I guarantee he doesn't realise what he's done and it sounds like he's already stretching himself quite thinly. I think just chat with him and say while you understand he's being a caring friend and doing good deeds, you guys had plans to spend some well needed time together

chloedancer897 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:25:38

@VP91x thanks as always for continuing to run the thread and looking out for everyone xo

Firevie Sun 02-Aug-20 11:29:21

@2020wish haha ugh men indeed! It’s a good sign though that he’s on his way home now?! I know how you feel though so why don’t you do your breathing techniques and see if you may be in a better mood this afternoon and can start a convo xx

2020wish Sun 02-Aug-20 11:33:07

Ok so update on my end. He’s appeared home and explained this better. Apparently before he rushed out his friend had rang me after sending the pictures of the vandalism and my partner thought he had explained the phone call before rushing out. So the vandalism was sectarian threats all over their house and car, lived there for years with no issues but now threats of killing them all over the house, police came on scene and basically advised them they needed out of the house ASAP so they where emergency moving and had no van or help and my partner having a van rushed over. So the narrative is completely different and he was right for rushing over. He apologised for not communicating with with me properly tho. Feel a bit bad now. But glad our friends are ok. Thank you all for helping me tho

2020wish Sun 02-Aug-20 11:33:35

Had rang him *

chloedancer897 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:35:15

@2020wish oh my word. I didn't think that happened in this day and age!

Rebecca1992 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:39:45

@Firevie I got pregnant straight after MC before proper AF, I counted my MC bleeding as AF, I'm now 6+2 pregnant....sending u lots of hope ❤

2020wish Sun 02-Aug-20 11:43:01

@chloedancer897 I know same here. they have lived there for three years and never had an issue with anyone. It was up near cave hill. They are in a right state as they had just fitted a new bathroom and all in that wee house. Horrible

chloedancer897 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:47:27

@2020wish I was just about to ask what area it was in. Unfortunately, north Belfast is rife for sectarianism. It's really the only place I've seen it these days. I hope they're ok

2020wish Sun 02-Aug-20 11:50:05

@chloedancer897 absolutely crazy people are still so ill minded these days. Thank you, they are out of the house now and staying between her dads and her sisters x

Lollol86 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:50:24

@VP91x would you think ovulation hasn't as Italy happened yet based on that then? Xx

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