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6 dpo, very dizzy and light headed

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loveskaka Sun 02-Aug-20 09:52:26

Hi girls, I am ttc baby no 2. I am 6dpo and keep getting little dizzy spells, nausea and nipples are feeling weird. Had a peak opk on the 27th, dtd then also 28th dtd. Anyone else experienced symptoms at 6dpo? 🤞🏼🤞🏼.

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GanderousGoose Sun 02-Aug-20 10:27:48

Hello - symptoms at 6dpo would be really unlikely, unless you ovulated earlier than you thought. In the week following ovulation, progesterone rises in all women, regardless of whether or not they are pregnant. If a woman hasn't conceived, progesterone will decrease again to trigger AF. If they have conceived, progesterone will remain high. Symptoms as early as 6dpo are very very likely to be caused by the progesterone surge experienced by all women, whether or not they have conceived.

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