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Conceiving after 12 years on dianette

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TheDaydreamBelievers Thu 30-Jul-20 22:37:33

Hi @yesterdaytomorrowandfantasy - I am CD133 off of Rigevidon (another combined pill). Like you I was on it 12 years and am awaiting further testing, although my health professionals have been much less forthcoming about scans than yours.

I have had bloods (hormones and androgens). The GP said they looked normal but I googled it all and theres a few off values. They've referred to gynaecology but said they might reject the referral as it hasn't been 6 months.

Like you I feel so sad and frustrated.

I have used OPKs. It seems like on a few occasions my body has tried to ovulate but hasn't ever got there- I get 1 day higher temp and a stronger OPK then the temps and OPKs fall and I get sore breasts but no AF (this has happened twice so far).

yesterdaytomorrowandfantasy Thu 30-Jul-20 11:13:36

Hi all, I wondered if anyone had experience of coming off the pill (specifically dianette) and getting pregnant?
I came off in April after 12 years (I’m now 27), I was on it for acne initially but just kept going for both skin and contraceptive reasons. I have no recollection of my periods prior to this.
Since April I had my usual withdrawal bleed just after stopping the pill then nothing since- 95 day’s to be exact.
I’m getting really disheartened and wondered if anyone has any advice or stories they could share?
I’ve had bloods which came back normal and am waiting on a scan to check for PCOS but was only referred last week so assuming with the pandemic this won’t take place for at least a couple of months.
I took ovulation tests between cd34 and cd70 and got nothing so gave up as it seemed pointless and expensive.
Any advice would be appreciated, thank you x

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