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Line eyes please ladies ???

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tinkerbell999 Thu 30-Jul-20 10:14:02

Top test this morning bottom test last nights but came up in time frame !

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HansBanans Thu 30-Jul-20 10:29:13

I can definitely see a line on both but these tests are known for their evaps. I'd try again in a few days, good luck! x

Teapotdespot Thu 30-Jul-20 10:31:26

I can see the faintest line ever and I think I can see it has colour too! Tentative congrats, best of luck flowers I also got the faintest positive ever this morning so we’re in the same boat!

tinkerbell999 Thu 30-Jul-20 10:36:49

Thanks ladies urghhh it's the worst getting faints always testing early is never a good idea confuses you more xx

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Chicken123 Thu 30-Jul-20 13:55:07

I got a line on these tests and wasn’t pregnant. See if you can get a different brand x

Teapotdespot Fri 31-Jul-20 19:04:50

@tinkerbell999 did you test again today?

tinkerbell999 Fri 31-Jul-20 20:04:28

I did yes with a first response and it’s negative sad( x

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Teapotdespot Fri 31-Jul-20 20:14:01

Aaahhh @tinkerbell999 I’m sorry flowers you’re not out until AF turns up though so it might still be too early.

tinkerbell999 Fri 31-Jul-20 20:27:42

Yeah I'm feeling hopeful I've been a bit crampy last couple of days so you never know as apparantly using opks I've had strong positives for the last 10 days I've no idea what's going on with my body I just went from my peak ovulation day so I could still be in fact pregnant x

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Teapotdespot Fri 31-Jul-20 20:32:20

OPK’s also react to HCG so you never know. How many DPO I you think you are?

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