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Question for those who ovulate early

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Mrschips07 Wed 29-Jul-20 17:50:54

So I've realised that I actually ovulate on cd11. I also have 31 day cycles. I conceived my son two years ago after I ovulated on cd11 but I didn't realise I ovulated so early until I started tracking my cycle properly and learning about it.

We're TTC and last month I was sure I was PG but then my AF arrived 6 days early and was bright red and nothing like normal period bleeding. It was really strange.

My question is, if you ovulate early and the egg does not implant do you get two lots of bleeding, or one?

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TTCROYGBIV Wed 29-Jul-20 18:08:42

I’m a CD11 ovulator as well but I have a 14 days luteal phase. You seem to have a long luteal phase at 20 days.

I started taking B6 to lengthen the follicular phase and taking Ubiquinol to get egg health as good as possible.

I was ovulating on CD7/8 prior to taking the B6.

I’m not sure what effect a long luteal phase would have on TTC, just know a short one is not the best. Hopefully someone will come along soon to answer that one.

You wouldn’t bleed twice either. Have you taken a pg test as it could be implantation bleeding.

Mrschips07 Wed 29-Jul-20 18:22:33

Thanks for your reply @TTCROYGBIV really appreciate it.

That's right, around a 20 day luteal phase give or take usually. I can't find anything much about it being a problem, only less than 14 days perhaps being an issue.

I've taken a bunch of tests and all BFN until today, where I've got the squintiest shadow on an IC. Im 8dpo at the moment.

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