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Implantation bleed or period ?

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whatif12 Wed 29-Jul-20 11:58:23

I'm due on Friday but yesterday at 9dpo had bright red blood when wiping quite a lot like my period starting but nothing since

I'm pretty sure it must be period as everything I've read about implantation is that's it's pink or brown

This was very red and quite a lot

I've got sore boobs and a bit heady but don't want to take a test as been here before and bfn

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coffeewithmilk Wed 29-Jul-20 12:46:48

I'm really not sure, it could be a heavy implantation bleed?
I had the same, I'm currently waiting my repeat hcg blood test on Thursday to see what's going on

whatif12 Wed 29-Jul-20 12:54:05

Good luck @coffeewithmilk

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PlanBea Wed 29-Jul-20 12:55:00

It doesn't sound like you're out yet. It could be many things, heavy implantation, after some rougher sex, or an issue such as fibroids. Try not to panic about it yet, wait until you're due and see what happens then. If AF doesn't arrive, test then. Good luck!

whatif12 Wed 29-Jul-20 13:10:10

Just took an ovulation test as had heard they can show positiveif pg and it was negative so now just waiting for AF to come

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