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BBT and ovulation

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KittyCat1002 Wed 29-Jul-20 09:42:15

Hi everyone !

So ... my period is usually on time (27 days) with ovulation at the 13th day. But this month is really strange. I had second line on the opk at day 14th (06/07 not strong positive tho) but my bbt was low in the next 3 days. It went from 36.40 to 36.05 and 36.15. I thought that this month will be anovulatory and stopped measuring bbt. This was until 21st day of the cycle (13/07) when bbt was again 36.40. I made ovulation test - strongly negative. The next measure of bbt 27th day of cycle (19/07) bbt high 36.97 and it's like this until today 37th day (29/07). I made pregnancy test a week ago, but it was negative. Tried this morning again but it gave me an error. I was wondering if someone can help me with the calculations when my ovulation was. I know my graph is not full but any assumptions will be still helpful. I decided to wait until Sunday and to go to doctor afterwards if af doesn't show but until then if someone can give me an advice I will be very grateful. I was wondering also if it is possible that af skips this month even with the high bbt. Thank you in advance everyone
smile - link to my graph

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Juno231 Wed 29-Jul-20 09:47:20

I think CD24 maybe? It's only after CD24 that biphasic shift occurs. Which would make you 11DPO now. How long is your LP normally?

I originally thought CD23 due to the dip but then your CD24 temp looks the same as CD22 and it needs to be higher than your previous six for it to count as a post OD increase.

KittyCat1002 Wed 29-Jul-20 09:54:32

LP was always 14 days until now. I was also thinking either CD23 or CD17 as my temperatures take usually 3-4 days to rise. So stupid I stopped measuring after CD17 confused

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Juno231 Wed 29-Jul-20 09:58:19

CD17 doesn't fulfill the criteria I don't think. You'd need 3 temps higher than the previous 6 for FF to recognise OD.

Might be worth filling in the gaps with arbitrary numbers that seem to fit the pattern and see where FF populates the crosshairs? Just make sure to make a note of which ones were made up in case you need to take them back out.

KittyCat1002 Wed 29-Jul-20 10:35:10

Shows CD21 when done like this ... but I think you are more right about CD24. Makes more sense. Thank you for the fast response. I calmed down a little bit haha. Every time my when my period is a little bit longer I freak out

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