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what to do next ? ttc for a year, reversed, keep trying or take another route ?

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bitchyfanny Mon 01-Oct-07 08:46:43

hiya ladies, im looking for some advice on what to do next, i had a sterilisation reversal a year ago (tubes had been cut), im 37, i have 4 kids ranging from 11 to 19. how long should we keep trying, im a bit concerned because of my age, whats the next step? im 38 in march, so that would make it 18months of ttc, or would that be cutting it fine if we carried on till then. should i be looking into ivf? i would be very grateful for some good advice. thank you, dianne. (please dont be put off by my user name, im quite nice really!!)

manuka Mon 01-Oct-07 21:18:13

I think thats a great name! I have no advice I just can't believe how brave you are to want to go through all that nappies and early mornings again after just gaining your freedom!!
Blimey if I were you I'd be going on holidays and going horse riding and sleeping in etc etc!!!

bitchyfanny Tue 02-Oct-07 09:41:35

i like to be at home, got my holidays, not to sure bout the horses though!!! i was lucky with my 4, they all slept through, thats why i didnt stop at the first!! id just love a little one running around again, spose i took it all for granted before.

Ready Tue 02-Oct-07 18:56:02

grin now that's what i call a name wink

I haven't really got any advice for you, blush just wanted say good luck. I would say that you would be unlikely to get IVF on the NHS (you probably knew that??) because you already have 4 children, and had a sterilisation etc.
Perhaps go to see your GP, get some basic tests done (progesterone level etc) to make sure you are ovulating.

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