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AF after MC

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A08x Mon 27-Jul-20 09:24:13

I had an early MC at the beginning of June & got my first proper AF about a month later early July. It was my first pregnancy and previous to that my AF signs would normally be uncomfortable cramps, feeling sluggish & a shitty mood.

I had a bit of light spotting weds-fri last week, had really mild niggly cramps since weds (not painful) and headaches sat & sun. The month I found out I was pregnant these were my symptoms, so I was feeling excited this was going to be it again!

I’ve then woke up during the night last night really uncomfortable to find AF had started 5 days early.

My question is, is it common for PMS symptoms to change like this after a MC? I’m extremely pissed off at my body & feel like it’s a complete mind fuck that what was pregnancy symptoms for me are now AF signs!!

I was TTC for near enough a year before my first pregnancy so was very in tune with having accurate cycles and my knowing my pms symptoms

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