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Help please ladies, bleeding 14DPO!

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KirstyMx Sun 26-Jul-20 11:01:42

I cant post any pictures right now as I'm a new member, but will as soon as I can.

Just needing a little bit of advice please (hopefully successful stories) I normally ovulate CD13, this month I didnt track. Tested 12DPO had a faint positive but could see it without squinting it came up straight away, 13DPO line was darker, today 14DPO went to the toilet to test I was bleeding a bit so thought that's it I'm having a chemical but done a test anyway & line was good, both lines just as dark as each other.

So basically I'm asking if this could still mean everything is OK with baby? I had cramps last night & still today, well I say cramps but more like a tugging stretching feeling.

Any help welcome. Thankyou in advance x

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SWAttempting Sun 26-Jul-20 11:04:01

Implementation bleeding? Depends how much blood loss!

KirstyMx Sun 26-Jul-20 11:14:51

@SWAttempting I'm probably being stupid but I thought implantation had to happen before a positive test? My first one was 3 days ago. Its not too much blood, I've put a pad on just incase but nothing as of yet just when I wipe & more a pinky colour.

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SWAttempting Sun 26-Jul-20 11:17:44

Not necessarily - I'm 18+6 and still get some bleeding. Can be lots of reasons for it.

You have to think that sperm live inside of you for 7 days... your egg lives for 48 hours... you can implant any time up to 7 days after the sperm has met the egg... that's why you're dated off your LMP until your 12 week scan and can be pushed back up to a week...

Unfortunately conception is not a definite science!

Nottherealslimshady Sun 26-Jul-20 12:15:15

I've had the same! It lasted about three days but was always very light, only one drop on my underwear otherwise only when I wiped. Always either very light pink then brown. It seems to have stopped now

What colour and how much was it? It's really scary isn't it

KirstyMx Sun 26-Jul-20 12:41:01

@Nottherealslimshady And is everything still OK like positive tests? Hope everything is 🤞🏻

Your right its very scary, I was so happy with my 2 very positive tests then feel like now just worry & got to wait & see now. Mixed emotions.

Its really light, still only when I go to the toilet, not even all the time & pinky colour.

I did read its common at the time your period would be due to have a light bleed or spotting, called breakthrough bleeding & nothing to worry about it, so guess I have to keep the hope that everything will be OK!

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Nottherealslimshady Sun 26-Jul-20 13:46:20

Everything seems fine. Still getting positives, but I think I would even if I'd lost it as it takes a while for the hormone to leave your system. I haven't had a lot of bleeding though and it says youd have cramps worse than period cramps and I definitely haven't. There's still at least a lot if blood still in there and if there wasn't a developing foetus then I think the blood would have come out by now so I feel pretty confident it's still growing in there smile
I've sent DH for a week indicator test to do in the morning, I'm hoping it matches up to how long ago I ovulated and I'm ringing the docs.

I think it's fairly common and it would be at least as bad as a period if it was an early loss so if it doesn't get heavier and you dont get bad cramps then try not to worry (says me- a big old stress head!)

Fingers crossed for us both, keep us updated how you get along x

KirstyMx Sun 26-Jul-20 14:27:59

@Nottherealslimshady Well all that sounds positive, so hoping the weeks indicator matches up for u 🤞🏻 I suppose your right anyway about not stressing, I had an Ectopic & been trying for 7 months now so think I'm just a bit on edge but trying to keep the positive vibes! Easier says than done 🤷🏼‍♀️

How many DPO are u/or weeks? X

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Nottherealslimshady Sun 26-Jul-20 15:09:51

I'm 17dpo now, CD33, doesn't sound like a lot at all but it feels like ages!

So sorry about your ectopic, can understand your be more nervous this time around, hope it works out well.

KirstyMx Tue 28-Jul-20 10:01:12

@Nottherealslimshady Hey, how is everything? How did u get on with your weeks indicator? My light bleed seemed to have stopped by tea time, none all day yesterday until about 11pm then some this morning. I done my last FR yesterday though line was darker than day before (promised myself wouldnt look at line progression so no more tests for me haha) & done a digi this morning 2-3 weeks so that seems right. Have u spoken to the doctors? X

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Nottherealslimshady Tue 28-Jul-20 10:31:44

I'm so glad you bleeding stopped and everything progressing well.

Everything seems fine with me, my digi came out with 1-2 weeks this morning which is a bit concerning at 19dpo, waiting for a call back from the early pregnancy unit, I want blood tests to see what my hcg levels are. I'm thinking maybe implantation was later than expected but I dont know, trying not to stress, thers definitely still something in there !

Have you contacted your doctors yet?

KirstyMx Wed 29-Jul-20 14:28:49

@Nottherealslimshady Yeah definitely try not to stress, CB weeks don't always give accurate results so I would try not to worry about that. Did u get any further with EPU? Hope everythings well x

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Nottherealslimshady Wed 29-Jul-20 14:42:51

She said I'm low risk which was awesome to hear, and it sounds like implantation. Got to retest saturday, a week after bleeding stopped, to confirm the pregnancy has continued then ring back. But I did a regular test this morning and the line is miles darker than the early response that I did when I was bleeding so I think that's good progression.

How are you doing?

KirstyMx Wed 29-Jul-20 16:10:42

@Nottherealslimshady Aw thats fantastic, everything definitely sounds fine, I'm glad!

Everythings fine here I have a scan on the 21st August at the EPU but thats because of my previous eith Ectopic I knew I would get an early one with NHS but if not I would've payed private anyway no way could I have waited. I haven't tested again, no more spotting & my 2-3 digi & dye stealer FRER made me feel better so going to enjoy it now (well try lol) x

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Nottherealslimshady Wed 29-Jul-20 19:09:20

I'm glad you're getting an early scan, hope everything's ok but it all sounds positive smile

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