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Does ovulating early make it harder to conceive?

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Lovebug06 Wed 22-Jul-20 21:32:31

Hi all,

I'm on cycle 6, this month I have ovulated on CD9. I am only on day 12 now. Will carry on with the ovulation sticks all week incase but surely that's it done.

Does anyone else have this? I read women that ovulate this early can find it harder to conceive. I wondered if there's anyone here who also has this and experience of it as I feel a bit worried but hoping it is fine smile

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Juno231 Wed 22-Jul-20 22:03:20

I'd say definitely continue with the OPKs and maybe start temping next cycle too. A positive opk might just mean your body tried to ovulate but didn't, and some women have multiple surges before the final one results in ovulation. If you do have funny opk readings then the temps will help you determine when you ovulate.

How long are your cycles overall?

If it does turn out that you do ovulate on CD9 then I'm afraid it could mean difficulties in getting pregnant as the egg might not be mature at that point. Would be worth talking to a GP about to see if anything can be done about it. Hopefully that's not the case though 🤞

Lovebug06 Wed 22-Jul-20 23:04:50

Looked at the app as the peak for cd9 it days ovulation cd10, doubt a day makes much difference though. Hopefully it was just a surge then. 28 day cycles, hasn't happened before so it's very strange.

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natashaaaaa Wed 22-Jul-20 23:14:13

I was trying for months around CD10 to CD18 and nothing happened. Turns out I ovulate CD8/9. First month of trying on those dates I fell pregnant and now have an 18 month year old, good luck

Csari Wed 22-Jul-20 23:21:59

Hi @Lovebug06 last cycle I ovulated on CD11 and got a BFP, although it did end in an early loss.

And with my 5yr old I ovulated really early in my cycle. It was my 4th cycle ttc so not sure if it would have been easier if I ovulated later but I had no problems with that pregnancy.

Good luck smile

nicenames Wed 22-Jul-20 23:42:58

So this might not be very helpful, because I haven't used OPKs and have conceived quickly twice, but I ovulate very early in my cycle. I ovulate around day 8. I know that this is the case because my period dates are fixed and regular and on each occasion I have been told in my early scan that I am around four days more pregnant than I am on my period dates. This didn't mean I struggled to conceive, quite the opposite, but you do have to know your cycle and that is probably why early ovulaters struggle, if they are modelling based on the average cycle - on each occasion I conceived, I just made sure we had sex on the evening that the egg white mucus appeared. For me, that is day 7. You have the information, so hopefully all will be fine, good luck!!!

Lovebug06 Thu 23-Jul-20 08:21:18

@natashaaaaa @nicenames @Csari those posts have made me feel so much better! I was convincing myself last night maybe I'd still ovulate this weekend as it was just a surge of LH but I'm sure I have, I had the EWCM and cramps. I was so worried I would have issues conceiving because of this. So happy to hear of your stories of BFP so fingers crossed. Feel excited again now😂

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