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NEWBIE 🙋🏼‍♀️ TTC first baby - anyone else new to the journey?

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beckyBP Tue 21-Jul-20 16:17:27

Hey ladies,

Thought I'd start a new thread for anyone new to this like me 🙋🏼‍♀️

We're TTC after a change of plans when COVID postponed our wedding 🙄

Currently cycle 1 of TTC WITH AF due in 3 days.. I think I can feel it coming tbh.

Didn't use any form of ovulation tracker other than Flo (which I've used to track period for years) this cycle.

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MintGreenLife Tue 21-Jul-20 16:37:37

@beckyBP hey smile this is my second cycle. Thought I would reply as we had to postpone our wedding also, and we came up with the same plan to TTC instead. We are still getting officially married this year in September, but we are just having a small ceremony and then our 'proper' wedding has been rebooked for next September.

This is my second cycle TTC, however I'm not doing very well so far as I don't appear to be ovulating after coming off the pill in April, I know these things can take time, so just keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm quite worried about how TTC is going to fit in with our 'wedding' next year. It's such a strange situation to be in - you're probably the same - but we planned to get married and start TTC afterwards, and now have the difficulty of juggling possibly being heavily pregnant for the wedding, or having a new born, or due date being right on top of it! Think we've decided to just go with the flow and hope for the best, eeek!

beckyBP Tue 21-Jul-20 16:43:38

@MintGreenLife Hey!

Ah so nice to have someone in the same boat. We were originally June, now September but I'm not confident on that one tbh.

That'll be lovely and in a way.. you get two weddings.

Yeah I've head it can take a while after coming off the pill. Have you been taking ovulation tests? I haven't as yet but will definitely look into this next cycle.

Yes! Super worried about how everything will fit in. It's just impossible to plan isn't it.. two huge things in our lives (wedding & baby) that we have little to no control over! We're thinking if we do conceive, we'll probably postpone but it's just so stressful to know when to.. which probably doesn't help when TTC!

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MintGreenLife Tue 21-Jul-20 16:52:02

@beckyBP How did you find having to face postponing? We hung on for months but made the final call a few weeks ago. At the moment I think receptions with up to 30 are going ahead, but then that's no good if you're having a big wedding? I have a big family and we had 100 invited to the day, so just made sense to move it in the end. We felt like if we left it much later it would be too much of a rush and we had people flying in from America and Australia.

I totally get that. I felt pretty rubbish for a few months and couldn't face even looking at wedding plans or watching any wedding related TV. Now we've made a decision I feel positive again, but do worry about how we will juggle possible pregnancy or baby + wedding, would never have chosen to do it this way ha.

Yep I started using OPKs and also charting my BBT my second cycle off the pill, which was first cycle TTC, that's how I've worked out I'm not ovulating. I got multiple LH peaks in my last cycle, but no temp rise. This cycle I'm currently on CD35 and got an almost positive OPK this morning, but then faint line again this afternoon. Will be interesting to see if my temp goes up tomorrow, but I'm not hopeful. I've been getting EWCM in patches each month. This cycle I've had a few days of EWCM three times, spaced apart by a few days at a time, so seems my body is having a good go, but just not quite getting there.

Sounds like you weren't using any kind of hormonal birth control? Which is great if so! It's a bit of a nightmare trying to navigate coming off it. I've been having days of complete exhaustion, and my skin seems to keep thinking about breaking out and then changing it's mind! x

beckyBP Tue 21-Jul-20 17:34:34

@MintGreenLife I found it really difficult tbh. I'm really attached to my original date that I find it hard to like my new one. I know it's silly.

Yeah ours was big too.. 124 day and 200 evening. Yeah that's totally fair especially with people travelling so far.

Yep! Exactly the same, couldn't see or talk weddings until my original date had been and gone!

Thing is, what I realised in the end is that, although in an ideal world I'd have liked to of been married first.. I'm not prepared to delay starting a family for it and if there's a baby at my wedding then so be it.. worried about my dress though 😂

Ah ok, I reckon by next cycle you'll be back to normal! I definitely need to look into OPKs and BBT for my next cycle. No, haven't been on the pill for a few years. Just using other methods

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MintGreenLife Tue 21-Jul-20 17:43:32

@beckyBP it's a very strange position to be put in, so it's no wonder we found it difficult. Will keep my fingers crossed for you for your September date! We are lucky in that we are still officially getting married on our original date, and then next year will be the day before our first wedding anniversary.

Oh gosh I'm worried about my dress too! It's fitted, so I won't get away with a big bump or much in the way of weight gain ha.

I really hope so, I do like your optimism ha. It's interesting as this cycle has been so different to the last. My first cycle was 30 days and my second 37, and now I'm C35, so will be interesting to see when AF comes. Well that's great you've not been on the pill for so long, hopefully that'll mean you've a good chance of falling quite quickly smile

Marden11302 Tue 21-Jul-20 18:04:43

It’s so nice to hear people in the same situation! We were due to get married this August but have postponed to next.
We’ve decided to try for our first baby, but realistically only have until October to be successful, if not it’s waiting until after the new date. I really don’t want to delay trying anymore, we’ve delayed it for many different reasons over the last four years, I feel like I’ve waited my whole life to ttc! Good luck to us all! 😂

MintGreenLife Tue 21-Jul-20 18:42:18

@Marden11302 I feel the exact same! I'm getting on to 32 now and I just don't want to leave it any longer as this will be our first. Think we are just going to power through and see how it pans out 😂 Sorry to hear about your wedding. It's so rubbish, but at least there are lots of us in the same boat! X

beckyBP Tue 21-Jul-20 18:52:19

@MintGreenLife it really is.. we've had no control over our weddings which sucks! Glad you've still got it to look forward to this year though.
Saaame.. my dress is very fitted 😅

For some reason I have in my head that it takes 3 cycles to regulate so hopefully it won't be long for you!

I'm cycle 1 TTC and told myself I wouldn't become obsessed.. here I am.. totally obsessed

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beckyBP Tue 21-Jul-20 18:54:59

@Marden11302 ah it really does help doesn't it! Sorry you had to postpone also.

It's such an added pressure knowing you've only really got a certain amount of time to try isn't it.

Fingers crossed for you you do catch before October. Don't blame you for not wanting to wait.

If you don't mind me asking when did you start trying.

Here's to all being able to have our post wedding babies 👶🏼 xxx

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MintGreenLife Tue 21-Jul-20 19:02:53

@beckyBP it'll be a story to tell when we are older 😂

I hope you're right. I've read lots of different things with up to a year being the longest.

Oh god me too! At this stage I've now read four books about TTC/fertility and menstrual health 🙈 I'm finding it interesting though and enjoying learning. It's been a great distraction from the wedding palava! X

TTCBaby1 Tue 21-Jul-20 19:22:14

Hi ladies, me and my husband got married last August. This will be our 2nd cycle ttc after having the implant removed in June, my period is due on 5th August 🤞

RebeccaLF Tue 21-Jul-20 19:24:46

I'm also in the same boat, our September 5th wedding was cancelled a month ago. We have rescheduled on a very small scale for the 12th of September.

We were originally planning to TTC early next year as we would have had to wait 3 months after our honeymoon to Thailand due to Zika virus. As we're not going anymore we figured there was no point in waiting.

We are currently on cycle 1 and AF is now 3 days late, I tested on the day I was due and got a BFN so I'm going to give it another week and if she hasn't appeared I'll do another test. I'm guessing it's probably just my cycles settling down after being on the pill for so long!

beckyBP Tue 21-Jul-20 20:04:09

@MintGreenLife it definitely will! The brides of 2020 😅😂

Aw fingers crossed for you love.

Ah wow! You've definitely clued up! I think I need to be more prepared for my next cycle!

Hey @TTCBaby1 👋🏽 eek exciting. The TWW is a drag isn't it. I'm due on in Friday. Tbh pretty sure I can feel it coming. Got all the PMS symptoms. I'll be gutted if I do though.

Hey @RebeccaLF 👋🏽 ah another 2020 bride ❤️ it's so hard isn't it. Don't you just feel like it's proper messed up your plans. Ooo it's a good sign it's late. How long have you been off the pill?

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TTCBaby1 Tue 21-Jul-20 20:10:46

@RebeccaLF I was guttered when I came on last month, I felt like I was putting too much pressure thinking it would happen straight away! So have tried to be a bit more chilled this month 🙈 The TWW seems to go on forever! Never had as much sex since we first met haha

Marden11302 Tue 21-Jul-20 20:10:57

@beckyBP we started trying after AF in June, usually my cycles range from 30-35 days, today is cycle day 34, so we’re getting near to a late period. However took a test 14 dpo and negative, then took another 16 dpo and still negative, so now we’re just waiting for AF to turn up.
We only postponed the first week of June, otherwise we would have started trying sooner. Bit stressful 😫

whitershadeofpale Tue 21-Jul-20 20:15:14


I hope that you don’t mind me joining in. I’m not TTC just yet but am getting prepared and started taking my vitamins!

We’re due to get married in October and TTC straight afterwards, I’m 34 so don’t want to wait another year which is what we’d be looking at to delay. Instead we’re having a small ceremony with just immediate family somewhere very special to us.

I’m on the mini pill at the moment and am due to finish in September, I’m not sure whether to take them until then or stop sooner. I had a 6 month break last year and my periods regulated really quickly but I don’t know if/when I was ovulating.

RebeccaLF Tue 21-Jul-20 20:20:10

@beckyBP it definitely is hard! In the nicest way possible I kind of just want to get it over with now. I feel like the whole experience has been massively tainted by the stress of it all. I know we will still have a lovely day though and I'm sure one day I'll look and see the funny side of it!

I've been off the pill since around the start of June. I never thought the pill really affected me but I've found that I've been so much happier since coming off it.

@TTCBaby1 I'm really trying not to put pressure on myself but it's sooooo much easier said than done. I feel like I've never been more aware of every twinge my body makes. I don't know whether it's because I know we're TTC or because I'm not being pumped of hormones from the pill but my sex drive has gone through the roof haha.

PinkPlantCase Tue 21-Jul-20 20:21:26

Hi ladies smile I came of the pill last week! I was on a super low dose mini pill so hoping to be up and running again by September. We got married last summer and thought TTC would be a good first anniversary present grin

PinkPlantCase Tue 21-Jul-20 20:22:38

@whitershadeofpale I’ve also just stared the vitamins! Can’t say I feel any less tired though

TTCBaby1 Tue 21-Jul-20 20:23:56

@RebeccaLF I’m going to have to hide tests in a couple of weeks! I was the same last month, tricked myself into thinking I would get BFP and was guttered! Haha I’m the same, I’ve heard of people unable to conceive because of too much sex, I mean I’m trying to stick to every 2 days but around ovulation time I feel it’s a must everyday😂

Kristy17 Tue 21-Jul-20 20:25:01


Hope you don’t mind me joining, we’re actually TTC our second but we’ve also had to postpone our wedding. We were September this year and now September next, so decided to somehow try to conceive and have a baby in that time but who knows 🤷‍♀️

First LO is 20 months old. We’re first cycle, and gone for it with Clearblue ovulation kit and cheapy ovulation tests. As we’re on a deadline decided to just go full out and have now started tracking temp too. As we’ve got my dress now I think we’ll stop trying at some point so I’m not heavily pregnant at our wedding and would then try again a couple of months before. I’m currently 10DPO.

Where are you ladies in your cycle?

whitershadeofpale Tue 21-Jul-20 20:34:10

@PinkPlantCase same here! I’ve been furloughed and doing nothing is really tiring!

MintGreenLife Tue 21-Jul-20 20:36:15

@RebeccaLF our wedding was the 5th of September also! When did you come off the pill? I've been off three months now and I don't think I'm ovulating yet, which is frustrating but hopefully things will get back to normal soon x

MintGreenLife Tue 21-Jul-20 20:40:09

@Kristy17 another September wedding here 👋🏼 Have done the same as you and postponed until next September, but going to officially get married this year on our original date with a small ceremony.

I was hoping the same and that we would fall quickly to fit in with our wedding next year, so I went all out and have been using OPKs and charting BBT. Have read four different fertility books now too 🙈 Unfortunately though it seems I've maybe not started ovulating yet since coming off the pill three months ago, either that or a have an extremely short luteal phase, so trying to get pregnant within the timeframe need isn't looking hopeful! Don't think we will stop though. We will just have to figure things out as we go 🤷🏻‍♀️

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