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15 DPO, weird spotting and BFN

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FL95 Tue 21-Jul-20 16:05:42


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FL95 Tue 21-Jul-20 11:04:48


I would be interested to see what everyone thinks. I had brown spotting at 11 DPO for one day (I never spot before AF) so thought it might be implantation bleeding. I did a Clearblue test at 13 DPO and had a faint line. Even my partner thought so and he is usually skeptical. Later that day I had a bit more spotting. Then this morning at 15DPO I had a BFN but no AF. Still the tiniest bit of spotting.

My cycle is usually 28 days which makes AF 4 days late, although last month it was 33 days (weird cycle, thought I was pregnant then had the heaviest AF ever) in which case AF isn't due until tomorrow.

I know I just need to wait and see but can't concentrate on work so thought I'd ask!

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