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Unsuccessfully TTC

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FebruaryJuly Tue 21-Jul-20 08:34:40

We have been trying for our second baby for 7 months now. It was all so quick with our first (who is now 4yo), we had a chemical pregnancy first month of trying and then got pregnant in the second month of trying.

This time nothing is happening and it's making me feel really low sad. Since having my son, Doctors think I have endometriosis- I have had loads of tests (no laparoscopy as at the time of being asked about one, we knew we wanted to TTC again fairly soon). I am really worried that this is stopping us.

We have used and done everything, sex every day of the month, sex only during fertile time, superb meets egg plan, pre-seed, conception vitamins for him and her everything even to the point of putting my legs in the air for half an hour after sex and sleeping with a pillow under my hips! Haha!

Nothing has worked sad. It has been such a shock since it was so easy to fall pregnant with our son and we are still only 25! Many may say that an age gap doesn't matter and it really upsets me when people say "don't worry, there at 16 years between mine". It upsets me because we, as a family, know we do not want more than at 6 year age gap. By that point we know we will call it a a day, no matter what people say about extreme age gaps. There are 14 years between me and my sister and I am more like an auntie to her which I do not want for my children.

I am getting bloods done soon to check if I am ovulating and my thyroid etc. So doctor has been really helpful so far (since I thought I would just be told to leave until 12 months). Doctor and I have an action plan for me which I am happy with.

What more can I do? It's really getting to me and making me feel like a failure. sadsadsad

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FebruaryJuly Tue 21-Jul-20 08:36:36

Sorry - that is supposed to say sperm meets egg plan! We have also been using ovulation kits.

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Juno231 Tue 21-Jul-20 09:11:28

Just a gentle reminder that 7 months is still well within the normal range. Think of it more as you guys being extra lucky first time round and this is what normal looks like? If you're having blood tests run soon there's not much else to suggest in the meantime I don't think.

FebruaryJuly Tue 21-Jul-20 09:21:58

@Juno231 I know, I completely understand that, as the doctor said, 7 months is average, so we are going into longer than average. The doctor also agreed that with all we have been doing to support it so far and the fact I have endometriosis, is does look likely that We have some type of barrier. So knowing that I have endometriosis is what is giving me such anxiety and making me lose hope.

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2020mission Tue 21-Jul-20 12:13:55

@FebruaryJuly I'm only trying for my first but I feel your pain having tried for over half the year now with no success. I think it's worse seeing people on here posting that they have got their BFP after just a month or so TTC and you having experienced a quick conception for your first. I'd be quite confident that you will get there given that you've been successful before though! You're still in your 20s too which is great. For me I'm 32 and haven't had any so feeling less confident. It really does seem to be rolling a dice though so we have to just accept that it's a lot of luck and keep trying.

One more thing I will add, I'm 6 years younger than my older brother and we never had any real age gap issues. My mum didn't intend to have a 6 year gap between us but she said it ended up fine as my brother was actually interested and old enough to be quite helpful when I arrived being 6 and at primary school. I don't think it will be as bad as you think!

JoanneT88 Tue 21-Jul-20 12:19:43

Sorry to hear it’s all getting you down. I would speak to your GP more about the Endometriosis. They shouldn’t just assume it’s that without a laparoscopy to diagnose. I have had endometriosis and have stage 4 now where it has all spread to other organs but when I was first diagnosed I had a laparoscopy in the Oct and fell pregnant In the December. If you have got Endo they can remove it if possible which could help you in the long run.

FebruaryJuly Tue 21-Jul-20 12:37:49

Thank you for your replies! @2020mission I'm sorry to hear about your worries! One thing that does keep me feeling positive and will hopefully add to your positivity is that my mum has all 4 of us on her first try with only one Fallopian tube (after an ectopic). She fell pregnant at 21, 23, 34 and 36.

They assumed endometriosis due to the symptoms and when they tried the marina coil (which sets off hormones that subside endometriosis symptoms) the symptoms subsided. I also often get cysts on my overuse which so far have sorted themselves out. The doctor said that after the 12 month mark, if I still have no luck, they will go for the laparoscopy but understandably don't want to do that at this current stage as, although it can help fertility is all successful, there is some risk that the laparoscopy can cause infertility if it scars my uterus during the process.


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