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ClearBlue Ovulation Tests Advice

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ChasingARainbow Sun 19-Jul-20 22:03:58

The last couple of months I've bought a new pack of the clearblue digital ovulation tests but each time have at least half the pack spare - does anyone know if these can be used the following month?

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ivfdreaming Sun 19-Jul-20 22:09:24

The testing sticks can certainly be carried over month to month. I'd reuse the holder for several months in a row too as it gets to know your cycle/hormones so becomes more accurate the more often you use it

Cheesybiscuits01 Sun 19-Jul-20 22:15:01

Ive been using them until the box runs out. Hadn't even thought about not. It has seemed ok so far.

ChasingARainbow Sun 19-Jul-20 22:22:45

Thanks both for getting back, will save some money this month x

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