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9DPO symptoms, are these normal???

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hann85 Sun 19-Jul-20 12:17:10


So am TTC #1, had some strange symptoms and want to know if anyone has had anything similar? Ovulated around 9/10th July (not using OPK's, just going by CM), and AF due on 22nd July

- Cramps since 6dpo. Been pretty achey and dull then today suddenly really sharp intense cramps on one side that come and go
- Sudden waves of strong nausea yesterday and today, almost gagged
- Not really enjoying eating anything or drinking coffee, it's not like I can't stand it just don't really fancy it or enjoy it as much
- Hot/cold flashes, feel freezing in bed then suddenly really sweaty
- Slight CM since ovulation, mostly white and sticky otherwise pretty dry
- Cervix is medium/high but not really that soft
- Bumps on areola's and also little tiny dimples on my actual boobs, but not sore/painful
- Been an absolute bitch/crying mess the last week, sobbing randomly and uncontrollably (usually get before period anyway but this is on another level)

Have been very stressed out the last week with work and OH so thought this definitely would have affected chances of implantation sad

Would love to hear any thoughts or opinions, or if you've experienced something similar! VERY nervous to test in a few days x

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Tink2019 Sun 19-Jul-20 12:45:28

Hey @hann85, I had some similar symptoms last month so thought I'd post to say don't worry they're probably completely normal but sadly didn't end in a BFP for me...everyone is different though so fingers crossed for you, plus I didn't have all the symptoms you have. I had cramps since 4dpo then sharp intense cramps on 8dpo that had me doubled over, nausea (normal for me before AF), appetite was very small, hot flushes (would wake up sweating), quite a lot of CM white and creamy, also an absolute bitch and very emotional! My last cycle was a long one for me though so guessing my symptoms were perhaps because of that 🤷🏼‍♀️ Good luck! X

hann85 Sun 19-Jul-20 13:04:36

I usually get cramps just before AF but nothing as strong as this, or nausea either! Do you think these are more PMS or early pregnancy symptoms? I'm hoping it will all lead to a BFP!

Sorry to hear that sad It can be so draining getting out hopes up each month thinking we will be lucky this time. I had a 37 day cycle when coming off the pill, really took it's toll. How are you getting on this time round? xx

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Tink2019 Sun 19-Jul-20 13:43:55

@hann85 It's so hard to call isn't it - I was convinced we'd get our BFP last cycle because of the intense cramps, but my temp started dropping around 10dpo so then knew I was out. I really hope for you they're pregnancy symptoms 🤞🏻 You'll have to keep me posted.

My last cycle was 39 days, my average is 33. I'm now on CD11, but took Soy Isoflavones this cycle to try and bring O forward so really hoping they work. We're on month 10 and I'm not getting any younger (I'm 34...TTC makes you feel old though when you're close to 35 😩), so a bit jaded by it all to be honest! How long have you been trying? X

hann85 Sun 19-Jul-20 15:38:11

@Tink2019 I know, I feel like it's just our bodies playing tricks on us! I was certain when my period hadn't come that I was pregnant, but just a suuuuper long cycle since coming off the pill sad Been trying for about 6 months, but took bloody ages to get to a regular pattern again. I know it's nothing compared to many people, but it gets so frustrating every month!

Thank you!!! Fingers crossed for you! I understand, especially when you're comparing yourself to everyone around you. My mum had me at 37! As much as we won't, just have to try relax and not get disheartened and trust it will happen in good time. Wish you all the baby dust x

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