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Bleeding gums

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Gre8scott Sat 18-Jul-20 07:11:51

We had sex on weds and thurs nights
Last night Friday. My gums bleed everywhere and have never done that for years
Coule that be a symtom or is that far to early?

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strugglingtocope111 Sat 18-Jul-20 07:14:53

Not meaning to be rude but it's outrageous to even suggest you could be getting pregnancy symptoms 1/2 days after having sex.

Gre8scott Sat 18-Jul-20 07:25:27

It is last time i conceived on the sunday and was so ill backthe tuesday i called the doctor. I was definately pregant Shes definately real.

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Tiff94 Sat 18-Jul-20 07:40:33

It's take 6-12days for the egg to travel an implant in your uterus. You won't see any symptoms until after implantation unless you feel cramps and implantation bleeding. Pregnancy symptoms come after implantation. You are not physically pregnant when have intercourse sperm can live up to 5days before ovulation and the add another 6/12 on top. If you were pregnant a previous time you would have got your dates wrong.

Gre8scott Sat 18-Jul-20 08:14:42

The dates werent wrong she came 9months after that day

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lostfrequencies Sat 18-Jul-20 08:19:28

No I think you probably just need to contact the dentist.

Tiff94 Sat 18-Jul-20 08:20:01

The dates go on your last period anyway so doesn't matter when you DTD to the doctor. But still way to early. Do you know when you ovulated ?

Gre8scott Sat 18-Jul-20 08:40:35

No i dont.ill call the dentist cheers guys

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Gre8scott Sat 18-Jul-20 08:41:16

It does say om nhs a sustom in the two week wait is bleeding gums

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strugglingtocope111 Sat 18-Jul-20 09:04:43

She may have arrived 9 months later but that's because your due date is calculated from the date of your last period. It's absolutely astounding the amount of people who already have children and still don't understand the anatomy surrounding conception.

Out of interest @Gre8scott how old are you?

Gre8scott Sat 18-Jul-20 09:54:05

Surely i know when i had sex?

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Gre8scott Sat 18-Jul-20 09:54:35

Whats age got to do with it

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Tiff94 Sat 18-Jul-20 09:56:59

Just because you know when you had sex doesn't mean you conceived again it can take up to 14days after sex before pregnancy happens. Especially if you don't know when you ovulated.

Gre8scott Sat 18-Jul-20 10:00:20

I had sex on the friday left to go away working and ovulated on the sunday. Baby was 2 weeks early. It was years ago so i know im gratedul i dont have to understand it she arrived i know i ovualte cos i get pain i wasnt trying to get pregnantas such . Now im not sure i dont really care the ins and outs i just wondered could you have signs so early but it true mumsnet stylepeople have started attacking

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Time2change2 Sat 18-Jul-20 10:01:41

Do you know when you ovulated? When I was TTC I took my temp first thing on waking every morning. Your temp rises slightly every when you ovulate and if the egg has been fertilised, temp remains higher so you can tell literally from a couple of days after sex if you conceived. If you haven’t been doing that though, you really won’t know for a couple of weeks!

Tiff94 Sat 18-Jul-20 10:10:31

I sorry you feel attacked. I'm only stating that you are not physically pregnant until implantation which could be up to 14days after the time you had sex, then ovulated then implanted. The egg has barely made its journey at day 3 weather fertilised or not.

mrsmummy1111 Wed 29-Jul-20 05:26:44

Any update OP?

Rebelwithallthecause Wed 29-Jul-20 05:57:18

I had bleeding gums early in pregnancy

Not immediately but definitely in 1st trimester

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