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Bloody mucus

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Jessfaye30 Thu 16-Jul-20 16:38:40

Hey! Appolgies in advance for the picture. And i also feel im forever posting on here at the moment! Ttc my second baby, but with a different partner. With my first it came as a shock as we wasnt trying, that was over 10 years ago now so the whole ttc thing is so new to me. Long story cut short...i hope lol. I came off cerezette the week beginning 15th june, had my withdrawel bleed straight away. Had a few days brown/pink when i wiped. ovulated (i think, experienced stringy jelly like mucus) about 2 weeks after stopping the pill. Friday just gone i woke up to what i thought was my first period. No warning signs, but the cramping woke me up. Popped a tampon in and roughly lasted around 2 days, wasnt heavy like i was expecting from being on the pill for 5 years. Today, being 5 days since what i thought was my period i have this stringy blood tinged mucus when i wipe? I really dont know if im coming or going lol x

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