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Don’t lose hope

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sh84 Thu 16-Jul-20 09:30:38

Sorry for long rambly post....
So after many months of being on here I finally got my BFP last Thursday. I haven’t posted much recently & have been on various threads over the months. Particularly like fuck you ttc & ttc after stillbirth/baby loss.
So my history
DC4 last year, died shortly after birth
Nothing since CP last October, all previous pregnancies conceived on first/second try. I was doing everything to ttc, vitamins, temping, OPKs, sex (obviously), taking any supplement under the sun, pineapple, Brazil nuts, EPO, grapefruit juice- everything. I finally asked my gp for tests & she agreed so this cycle I had 21 day bloods- all normal & she said she would refer me to fertility specialist. Did a 10mlU/ml IC test at 11dpo, stark white. Day before AF due & temp was still going up, it usually drops at this point so I thought it may just be a fluke so waited another day. 15dpo I couldn’t stay awake in the afternoon so had a nap & when I woke up I thought that felt like a pregnancy nap & the thought of a cup of tea turned my stomach (big giveaway for me) so I thought I’d just do a test for the sake of POAS, 4.45pm after numerous pees throughout the day. Did a 25mlU/ml IC put it in the drawer expecting to see the usual 1 line, went back about 3 mins later, opened the drawer & there was 2 bright pink lines 😱. Literally couldn’t believe it. Did 2 IC & FR the next morning, all positive within 30 seconds, phoned my doctor & asked for HCG bloods, did another FR & digital on Monday, had my first bloods Monday & second lot yesterday, my gp called me yesterday afternoon & my HCG had more than doubled so it would appear that everything is progressing 🙌🏻 . So this post isn’t just me saying whoop 🎉 I’m pregnant, it’s to tell you all to not lose hope & just keep going, I have no words of wisdom or advice to give but if I can get my rainbow 🌈 anyone can. I just took a bit of a step back, stopped all supplements except folic acid, stopped OPKs, stopped posting on here & just started to come to terms that it may not happen. Conceived on our wedding anniversary too. I hope you all get your BFPs soon, seriously, each & every one of you 🤞 xx

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selina37 Thu 16-Jul-20 21:42:27

Thank you for your lovely story ☺️

Congratulations! Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy 😌 xx

RMarieClaire Thu 16-Jul-20 21:58:22

Congratulations - I'm so glad this has happened for you. FX for a stress free pregnancy

smoby Thu 16-Jul-20 22:01:26

Congratulations and thanks for the positivity - needed to hear that today

MrsB2019x Thu 16-Jul-20 23:13:50

Congratulations 🎉 so glad you got your happy ending 💕

ilikepalmtrees Thu 16-Jul-20 23:33:08

Ahh this is so lovely to readsmile Congratulations OP x

sh84 Fri 17-Jul-20 11:19:43

Thank you all, I just wanted to share a bit of positivity on what can be a very heavy board sometimes. Ttc can be quite a lonely & isolating time & it’s nice to lighten the mood, everyone is on their own ttc journey, for some it happens fast, for some it takes time, others may need a bit of help, whatever the journey there is a positive ending xx

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