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DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) for conception

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littleangle46 Wed 15-Jul-20 02:06:20

Has anyone use this suplement to rejuvenate the ovaries?
DHEA is claimed to improve conception rates, based on published research. It is sold in the U.S. without even a prescription.

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ivfdreaming Wed 15-Jul-20 05:58:15

It should only be taken if you have confirmed low testosterone levels and very low follicle numbers. If you take it when you don't need it it can actually reduce your fertility

America are MUCH less regulated in the U.K. when it comes to drugs hence why they have things like DHEA which you can buy without a pescription

littleangle46 Wed 15-Jul-20 06:57:42

@ivfdreaming thank you very much ... I did not know it can reduce the fertility. I used it for 3 months 25 mg per day... I am super hopeless because I am 46... anyway I used it because I told myself I have no chance anyway I took it with 600 mg CoQ10 everyday. I than conceived at first try but the heartbeat of my baby stoped at 6 w 5. I stoped using from the menstruation of the month that I conceived. I dont know if I am deficient in testosterone. But I know testos declines with age... now I want to use it again but I medically miscarried 12 days ago, I have one two blood spots everyday this week... my doctor in Italy says I should not use it, and my hormones now are all over I am not courageous enough to restart yet... but maybe it helped me? who knows...

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