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Agnus Castus to Encourage Ovulation?

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MintGreenLife Mon 13-Jul-20 16:07:24

Hi all, hoping to get some advice/personal experiences...

This is my third cycle off the pill, and while I have been getting AF, I don't seem to be ovulating.

First cycle I wasn't tracking, that was 30 days.

Second was 37 days and I had three LH surges in total, one positive on CD33 but no temp spike.

This cycle I'm now CD27 with no positive OPK and no temp spike.

OH and I had to postpone our wedding due to Covid until September next year, we were really hoping to fall quite quickly (by cycle 5 TTC) as otherwise we will have to pause to avoid me being just a few months postpartum or heavily pregnant at the wedding, but obviously that's not going to happen if I'm not ovulating.

I'm keen to do all I can to try and get things started again, so am looking at Agnus Castus and wanted to get some advice/personal experiences?

Thanks x

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