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Faint positive this morning... now negative this afternoon

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BessieBye Mon 13-Jul-20 14:50:36


I took a sainsburys own test this morning, really faint positive, can see it if look closely and see it even more if a light is shone on the back of it... not getting my hopes up, but they do say ‘a line is a line’???

I’ve went and got a first response rapid response test... I’ve heard they are not very sensitive is this true? The Sainsbury’s ones were 25 mIU/ml. I’ve heard first response is 100. Is it possible I just don’t have that much hCG yet?

I’m far too impatient and feel sick with nerves. I don’t want a negative sad. My period is due tomorrow.

Regular cycles, avg 26 days. Had no PMS which is why I took the test. I’m normally getting angry or emotional and feel cramps... but nothing! Any help much appreciated xx

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wrensandrobins Mon 13-Jul-20 14:52:52

Pregnancy tests are often positive in the morning and negative in the afternoon, because the hormone levels are higher with your first pee, they get watered down as you drink, try again tomorrow morning!

wrensandrobins Mon 13-Jul-20 14:54:32

Just to check, the Sainsbury's test, did you check it within the time limit? Morrisons ones if you leave over 10 mins give you a line, but it's an evaporation line and so a false positive

BessieBye Mon 13-Jul-20 14:59:10

Can someone tell me this looks like a faint positive? Showed up about 90seconds after POAS xx

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AntiHop Mon 13-Jul-20 15:01:09

That looks positive to me.

BessieBye Mon 13-Jul-20 15:02:36

Hi wrensandrobins... yes this was about 90 seconds after I laid it flat.
And yeah I thought that too. I have went out and bought 6 Tesco ones hahah.
My OH is over the moon but I can’t help but not get too excited til I see a stronger line... will test again tomorrow! Xx

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PinkSkyBlue Mon 13-Jul-20 15:07:26

I can see a line! Definitely test again in the morning x

BessieBye Mon 13-Jul-20 15:12:44

PinkSkyBlue... I think I’ve secretly wanted a baby for so long, I am in denial! I got my implant out in February and we decided to just ‘see what happens’. No TTC cos I’d just get to stressed. My mam doesn’t even know I’ve had it out! Because she would be pestering me everytime I saw her haha

I won’t be able to sleep tonight thinking of testing in the morning ha ha xx

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GotOutOfBedOnTheWrongSide Mon 13-Jul-20 16:48:25

Good luck OP!x

BessieBye Mon 13-Jul-20 17:03:45

Thank you GotOutOfBedOnTheWrongSide 😊
Now I have to stop reading forums on evap lines... ban me from the internet tonight please! Ha ha x

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PinkSkyBlue Mon 13-Jul-20 17:22:08

Aww its definitely possible, when my implant was taken out I was pregnant the following month!
I'll be checking back in the morning hehe x

BessieBye Mon 13-Jul-20 20:01:58

Ha ha I’m starting to have doubts the more I think about it. Starting to get some AF symptoms too but I also could be imagining them. Oh the joys of being a woman, ey!! X

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GotOutOfBedOnTheWrongSide Mon 13-Jul-20 20:07:26

Do another test! grin right now lol

I get far to invested in these threads, I really want everyone to get their BFPs xx

BessieBye Mon 13-Jul-20 20:20:58

Haha I love the passion! I am the same!!
I am a person that pees a lot (😆) anyway and cos I go to the toilet so often, my pee is normally quite diluted pretty quick (don’t worry I’ve been to docs, 9 blood tests and all clear!)

I think I’m gonna wait til morning. Unless AF comes before then... eee I am trying so hard not to get my hopes up incase I’m disappointed. I have to keep reminding my OH it’s not for sure yet, bless him he is chuffed. He’s more calm than I am!!! X

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tootiredtoclean Mon 13-Jul-20 21:00:20

I don't want to cause any upset but I have done a Tesco test and had the same line as you. It was negative. Apparently Tesco are well known for the false positives. Definitely recommend checking with a different brand

BessieBye Mon 13-Jul-20 21:22:03

I have read a lot similar tootiredtoclean, another reason why I’m trying not to get my hopes up.
May I ask did your false positive show up straight away or was it after the time on the instructions where you should discard? X

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wrensandrobins Mon 13-Jul-20 21:57:00

@tootiredtoclean @BessieBye this is my tesco false positive from March appearing just outside the 10 mins window, personally I don't think they are fit for sale- yes I shouldn't have looked after the 10 mins, but still, it could cause so much upset! And it did, we weren't ready, I had only been in my job a few weeks, I was so upset and anxious!

BessieBye Mon 13-Jul-20 22:08:27

@wrensandrobins and I am so sorry to hear that. It is very unfair that these things can even potentially happen, never mind happen as much as they do.
Hugs to you!! X

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tootiredtoclean Mon 13-Jul-20 22:35:43

@wrensandrobins @BessieBye mine came up pretty quickly (under 5) but got more clearer by 10.

I've seen people's reviews on their website and a lot have said the same. I agree, I thought the line wouldn't be blue if it was an Evap. Mine was a much wanted, struggling to happen, was heartbreaking. Unfortunately I deleted my picture when I got endless BFN on FRER, otherwise I'd post it.

Not everyone's is false so hope yours is a BFP, Bessie.

BessieBye Mon 13-Jul-20 23:21:25

Oh I am so sorry to hear that. It’s totally unfair isn’t it... part of me wishes I never googled evap lines but the other part of me is glad I did to prepare myself for not the news I wanted xx

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Kalecat Tue 14-Jul-20 01:19:43

Totally be weary of blue due tests. I despise them! This was mine last month and I was not pregnant 🙄

BessieBye Tue 14-Jul-20 04:56:53

Woke up to pee so thought I’d poas.... negative... nothing at all! Not even a smudge.
Guess I’m out this month.. the wait for AF resumes. Xx

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wrensandrobins Tue 14-Jul-20 07:06:36

@BessieBye sorry to hear that! All the best for next month ❤️

GotOutOfBedOnTheWrongSide Tue 14-Jul-20 08:43:09

Sorry to hear that OP. Good luck next will happen. It took me just over 2 years. flowers xx

BessieBye Tue 14-Jul-20 09:26:59

Thank you ladies @wrensandrobins @GotOutOfBedOnTheWrongSide
Had a little tear to myself and my OH is telling me I shouldn’t have used a different type of test haha And to go and get the same as before...but I really don’t think it would make a difference. Can’t believe how much he wanted this it has surprised me, god bless him. He is a lot older than me and thought he could never have kids.
Sorry for long replies.. it’s hard that I can’t talk to any female close to me about it.... suppose I’ll just have to wait for AF xx

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