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HELP! Ovulation troubles

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Mellymooki Fri 10-Jul-20 23:42:00

So..basically I use the Ovia app to track my periods and fertile window. Last month I brought the clear blue ovulation test, I missed my fertile window as I lost track of time, when I took it, which was Two days before my predicted fertile window ended, it was a still smiley face. So we come to this month, today. According to my Ovia app my fertile window is from yesterday (thurs 9th) so I took a test today and it’s a still smiley....what does this mean? Have I missed ovulation? Is my window really short? Is this why my TTC journey is proving difficult. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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Vea1601 Sat 11-Jul-20 07:31:59

I think you need to try testing earlier. What day of your cycle are you starting from? I actually start from cd6 because I've had cycles ranging from 26 to 31 days. Does make it more pricey to do though.

VenusStarr Sat 11-Jul-20 07:41:11

Ovia used to be drastically out for me - my cycles are shorter at 25 days and before I used opks it would put my fertile week at around cd16/17 and then tell me my luteal phase was too short.

I started temping and using opks from about cd7 and found out I sometimes ovulate as early as cd10.

Start with your opks a bit earlier and don't just rely on the app - in our early days I think we were missing my ovulation.

Sunshinelove8 Sat 11-Jul-20 08:07:56

I ovulated last 6 months between cd 12-16 . For the last two months I ovulated cd10! So any app would have got me testing too late. I started dtd as soon as my period ended and got bfp this month. ( I used opks from end of period too) x

Tiff94 Sat 11-Jul-20 08:13:31

Try running more then one app I use Ovia flo and femometer the all says different dates but if you enter more symptoms the will update your fertile window. This week two of my apps said I was ovulating Friday and Ovia said Sunday moment I put that EWCM and cramps and backache (always a sign of ovulation for me) Ovia updates and change to say Friday was my ovulation day. So I wouldn't trust just one app. And I would start using OPKS earlier I started this month and I tested Wednesday when they arrived CD11 for me and I was 26% in high and then it started to lower as I started ovulating CD12/13 I know for sure my surge would have been Tuesday/Wednesday but I missed it. But I still been DTD every other day since AF ended anyway so finger crossed 🤞 we get some BFP come in two weeks

Mellymooki Sun 12-Jul-20 12:27:01

I did use flo too but found ova is more detailed in the way it is logged and gives you clearer data I find.
This month I took a test on cd13 which was a peak, but I took on cd10 and it was a negative.
I’ve taken two tests this morning Cd16 (4hours apart) and it’s a flashing smiley, I’m just so confused by it this month. I had cervical mucus at the beginning of the week but nothing since.
My cycle seems to be between 28-31 days,

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