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1st month TTC unsuccessful - how about this sperm meets egg?

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AKcheer Fri 10-Jul-20 16:20:49

Hi guys.

A bit disheartened today as AF came and I was gearing up to do a pregnancy test this morning! This was the worst two week wait and I swear I actually thought I was pregnant. The symptoms I that crazy that I made myself think I was confused! Who knows?

Me and hubby were trying to conceive for the first time last month but then on predicted ovulation day according to flo I couldn’t get jiggy with it as I got a UTI. Because the donkey in me lay in bed and didn’t have a wee after we did the deed! Has anyone suffered with this problem? Had to get some lovely antibiotics too...

So AF here now and it’s a new cycle so I read the sperm meets egg methodology. Has anyone tried it - where you start getting jiggy from day 8 and use predictor kits? Is it too early to start using the ovulation predictor kits? I’m 30 - been married since 25 and enjoyed my life and holidays with husband. It’s time now and I never thought this was so complicated!

Any advice and thoughts welcome - would be good to start this thread and have everyone talking about their journey this month and we will see where we are in a months time!!!

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EvelineUK Fri 10-Jul-20 16:32:05

Never too early to start using LH tests, get going, get to know your cycle, only when you know the day you ovulate for sure can you get organised and get your SMEP plan going.

JTB123 Fri 10-Jul-20 16:35:40

@AKcheer this is my first month TTC also and I'm
Currently on CD21, woke up at 1am with the worst UTI pain, was up for hours drinking and weeing to try flush it out. Hoping I don't need antibiotics and I can get rid of it by keeping hydrated 🤞🏻😩

I need to start weeing after DTD but scared to do it straight away so I've been going straight to bed... naughty I know!! How long should I lie down for to then wee and guarantee I won't get a UTI?!

AKcheer Fri 10-Jul-20 16:36:32

@EvelineUK yes you are correct. I’ve seen some from amazon I might order some then figure out how to use them! The clear blue digital ones will work out quite expensive I think.

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AKcheer Fri 10-Jul-20 16:39:28

@JTB123 ooh wishing you luck!!! How long is your normal cycle? The wait is horrible right?? Why is it so complicated!

I know I always thought if I wee then the sperm might wee out. I’m not sure. I read online that maybe lie down for 10 mins then wee and clean with baby wipes. I was in so much pain with my UTI and I was so embarrassed I actually got one!! I think we have to have faith in the sperm and our insides - weeing won’t make sperm fall out. I knew I’m crazy

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eternalflame2020 Fri 10-Jul-20 16:45:00

Hey AKcheer, I am also in my 2nd month ttc my first baby! This month, I started to temp and am using clear blue ovulation kit as I came off the minipill and wanted to get an idea of if and when I am ovulating.

I haven't read the sperm meets the egg methodology, but will take a look. I also had no idea how complicated it could be...I'm trying to stay as chill as possible but it's hard not to become all consumed with thinking about it!!

If you are going to start temping I think you need to start from the first day of your period and with the ovulation kit you have to start it on a particular day of your cycle dependent on how long your cycle is.

Do you think you'll give it a go?

AKcheer Fri 10-Jul-20 16:51:30

Hey @eternalflame2020 glad I’m not the only one on go 2! All my friends seem to get pregnant with a click of the fingers!!

Ooh I’m not familiar with the temp checking. The book is good here is the link -
It’s free to download.

I know it’s so weird like I was constantly thinking about it and maybe it’s harder when your working from home all day long too.

I think il give the opk a go. I’ve ordered some from amazon and the sperm meets egg says to start testing ovulation from day 10 so il give it a go!!

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eternalflame2020 Fri 10-Jul-20 17:04:18

@AKcheer my friends are the same, they just have to look at their partners and they're pregnant.

The temping tracks the changes due to your hormones to tell you when you've ovulated. If you type Basal Body Temp into search engine you'll see some charts and info. Only thing with that is you have to temp as soon as you wake up at the same time every morning after at least 3 hours uninterrupted sleep. Can be a bit annoying if you need a wee an hour before you usually temp!

Ah great that you've put in the order. It's definitely harder being at home all day - I'm dreading the ttw again this month and it's only the second time!

AKcheer Fri 10-Jul-20 18:11:37

@eternalflame2020 it’s hard isn’t it. I can’t help but feel jealous!

Oh wow okay maybe I will also try that it will also give me insight and help.

Oh no when will your ttw be? It’s the worst thing but we can keep each other company on this haha. I don’t even like telling friends or family I’m trying!

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Jadeb1995 Fri 10-Jul-20 20:20:05

Hey! I'm trying the SMEP this month, just waiting for AF to arrive so I can get started.

I ordered these:

They link up with Premom app so you take a picture and the app interprets your result which I think is much easier that trying to guess if the line is darker but also cheaper than the Clearblue ones smile

AKcheer Fri 10-Jul-20 21:04:37

@Jadeb1995 when’s it due to arrive? How long have you been trying to conceive for?

Amazing luckily they are the ones I ordered so will check them out. It’s so good they link to an app it just makes it so much easier.

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Jadeb1995 Fri 10-Jul-20 21:31:31

@AKcheer anyway now, should be Monday. We've been trying for 3 cycles. Last month we had a BFP but turns out it was a missed miscarriage which was very emotional but feeling optimistic
How long have you been trying for?

AKcheer Fri 10-Jul-20 22:47:43

Oh no I’m so sorry to hear about that @Jadeb1995. It must have been so difficult for you. It’s hard to digest isn’t it. Its crazy as I feel before people openly wouldn’t talk about miscarriages and now you hear it so often. It’s so sad and I can imagine it being an emotional roller coaster.

Last month was our first month trying and honestly I thought it would be a go straight away. It’s funny isn’t it you spend your life on the pill and trying not to get pregnant and when you want to you realise it ain’t that easy. Hopefully this month is the one. Me and hubby are so keen on starting a family.

I really hope you have a good month too and get a BFP and everything is ok.

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Jadeb1995 Sat 11-Jul-20 08:04:19

@AKcheer yes I agree, I never knew there was so much involved in it!!
Fingers crossed this SMEP works for us both this month then!!

ARIO Sat 11-Jul-20 08:10:33

@AKcheer hey, my AF came yesterday aswell. CD2 today and have ordered OPKs and basal thermometer. Month 2, let's be having you!!

Chanel05 Sat 11-Jul-20 08:23:04

@AKcheer definitely go for the cheapies, I found the clear blue so expensive when I was ttc. First time I fell pregnant (ended in a mmc) I only used Amazon cheapies and the second time (now 30+4) I only used cheapies. Try not to be too disheartened and enjoy the first few months of the journey - it took me 8 months on both occasions to conceive. I had fertility tests and I'm very fertile and healthy, it's just luck of the draw! Good luck!

Lorddenning1 Sat 11-Jul-20 08:25:46

My honest advice is to relax, it's only your first month of TTC, take it from someone who has done this twice, TTC can be so stressful sometimes and can drive you a bit mental with it and make you a bit obsessed. My first it took me 7 months, and it happened when I said right, that's it, I give up, as it was driving a bit of a wedge between us sad then I got pregnant. My second was a bit more difficult as after 2 years nothing happened, turns out I have PCOS and needed help with fertility drugs, after after the 5th month of taking the drugs nothing was happening so again I said I can't keep putting
Myself through this, after 6 months and I'm going to give up, and I got pregnant on the 6th cycle of Clomid. This seems to be the trend with people I know, the more pressure you put on the situation the more it doesn't happen sad, plus it can make sex seems like ur robots and we both know we were just doing it to get a baby, very grim. My advice for now is, so the deed every other day starting from cycle day 11, until cycle day 20. After 6 month to a year, then introduce the BBT and ovulation strips. Good luck everyone

AKcheer Sat 11-Jul-20 09:26:29

@Jadeb1995 everything crossed for us!!

@ARIO Oh no! CD2 for me too! Love your attitude!! Let’s have this and we’ve got this!! You’ll have to keep me posted as we will be going through our TWW the same ish time probably!

@Chanel05 I saw the clear blue and thought they were expensive! Amazon ones should be here today thanks prime so at least I can figure it out on how to use them and it will help me get to know my body better which is a plus! You’re right it’s the luck of the draw. I’m such an organised person and like a plan for everything so when something doesn’t go to plan I feel it but I need to relax!

@Lorddenning1 Hey! I definitley need to relax . I don’t think this corona situation helps. I’m constantly at home working from home and I have a stressful job so does hubby. Quite excited that the gyms are opening because that’s how I release my stress and it’s not the same exercising at home!! Hopefully I can get into a routine and release stress at gym then come home and be relaxed!! I don’t feel normal without the gym lol. It’s crazy isn’t it just as you relax you fall pregnant! It’s positive to hear that you did both times eventually though! Thanks so much for the advice! It’s great to hear what worked for people!!

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Lorddenning1 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:12:32

@AKcheer I'm sure you will be fine and everything will work out for you smile it's a slippery slope this TTC business and for me personally it had a big impact on me and my relationship, especially trying for my second, I'm the type of person who if they want something I want it now I don't want to have to wait haha.
I just didn't understand these people that got pregnant by accident all the time. I got so bad that it's putting me off TTC a 3rd baby, it was quite a roller coaster for me, I wish you all the
Luck of your journeys and hope it doesn't take you too long, but chilling out is the best way to go about it, easier said than done though x

Nottherealslimshady Sat 11-Jul-20 10:27:02

Hi I'm also on cycle 2 of ttc, this month I used OPKs and they really helped, i ovulated a lot later than predicted. I'm going to use tempting next month if we're not successful this month.

I haven't been peeing after DTD and not had any issues, cant imagine why your DHs sperm would cause a UTI.

I had loads of symptoms last month too, really thought I was pregnant, my boobs were massive! None of those this month, weird.

beck84 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:55:37

Hi please can i join you all... bit of back info... im 35 partner is 39 i have a 16 dd and 12 ds, had a MMC and CP between them. Had coil out july 19 and fell pg oct19 which sadly ended in MC dec19. Had a couple of hospitalisations first in feb20 i was in excruciating pain felt like i was trying to have AF but it wouldnt come... doctors said it was probably a ruptured cyst or uti, exactly 4 weeks later same pain... i broke down when i was readmitted and they px provera which induced my AF and no pain since. Tried preseed for the first time last cycle but then developed my first ever uti which was horrendous and had a very weird AF which arrived 5 days early.

So onto present day have tried OPKs this month and got a high on thursday, i thought great will probably ovulate around sat/sun (partner works away on 4 on 4 off and is due back today) but then i got my peak yesterday dinnertime, so jumped in the car and drove 200+ miles to DTD hahaha the things we do to get pg

ARIO Sat 11-Jul-20 12:09:18

@AKcheer yes, we can be TTC buddies.. How long are your cycles? Mine are about 28 days. Going to use opks for the first time this month and do the SMEP.

Metallicalover Sat 11-Jul-20 12:34:16

It's your first month ttc, it's very normal to take up to a year to conceive if your under 30. Honestly just relax, DTD about 3 times per week, the sperm lasts a few days inside you and don't put pressure on yourselves. It takes the fun out of it!

AKcheer Sat 11-Jul-20 14:57:01

@Lorddenning1Thank you!! You sound like me! I’m just like that if I want something I want it now!! I know I don’t get it either but I guess we are organised people and we know when we want something which isn’t a bad thing and fingers crossed it will get us what we want smile

@Nottherealslimshady oh you will need to keep me updated! Good to hear that opk has worked well for you. I’m interested to see whether I ovulate when the flo app tells me I do or after! They’ve come today so once AF has gone then I will have a go at them! No idea about UTI - hopefully it won’t happen next time.

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AKcheer Sat 11-Jul-20 15:01:32

@beck84 Hey how are you? Oh wow that’s so much to digest. I’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriages sad And the troubles you’ve had. It sounds like you’ve gone through so much.

Omg that’s so funny!! I mean if it’s time why not! You can drive x miles to get the deed done!!! Fingers crossed for you. You will need to let me know how it goes!!

@ARIO mine are 27 days and same going to use opk and SMEP for the first time too! How exciting!

@Metallicalover I know I just need to relax which I will try to!! Fingers crossed it will happen! Thanks for your advice smile

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