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Negative test at 10dpo is there still hope?

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Furbabymum15 Fri 10-Jul-20 09:33:10

Hey all my AF is due 14th I've been impatient and done a frer which was negative. I know its not over til AF shows but I'm not feeling hopeful x

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MrsB2019x Fri 10-Jul-20 10:10:36

You’re not out until AF is here!

I’m due 14th too and feel like I’m losing my mind

Furbabymum15 Fri 10-Jul-20 10:52:39

MrsB2019 have you done any tests..... Its horrible isn't it. Have u had any symptoms?

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MrsB2019x Fri 10-Jul-20 11:35:42

Yeah I stupidly tested yesterday at 9dpo and was obviously negative 🙄

I have had sore boobs (I usually do after ovulation anyway but this has lasted longer), bloating, cramping and intense hunger pangs (I last got those with my pregnancy in April but it was ectopic). I think after the loss I’m just so desperate now!

Have you had any symptoms?

Furbabymum15 Fri 10-Jul-20 14:26:04

I though my boobs were sore last wk but then it stopped. I'm mega spotty, my areolas are brown, and bad lower back ache and headaches. Aww sorry to hear what happened xx I'm desperate too, I had a mmc that was picked up at my 12 wk scan in May..... 2nd time xxx sending you lots of luck.... Keep me posted xx

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