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Agnus Castus Advice

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MintGreenLife Wed 08-Jul-20 11:47:05

Hi smile hoping someone might be able to advise me on Agnus Castus usage...

This is my third cycle off the pill and things don't seem to be going very well so far! I'm currently on CD22 with no cervical changes, no sign of EWCM and OPKs aren't getting any darker.

Last cycle I seemed to have three LH surges, with a positive finally on CD33, but then AF showed up 3/4 days later. I am temping and I had a slight temp rise the day after predicted ovulation day, but then it went back down the following day, and then AF came a few days later, so I'm assuming my body hasn't started ovulating yet?

I'm 31, BMI of 22, no known PCOS or anything like that, I exercise regularly and am eating very carefully to try and help get my body back on track, but don't appear to be making any progress.

I've been following the steps in this article:

The last step mentions herbal remedies and trying 'Vitex, also called Chaste Berry Extract' - which I believe is Agnus Castus?

What I wanted to ask is if anyone has had a good experience with this, and also how much you took, and whether you can take it through out your cycle or if you need to stop/start depending on where you are at?

Many thanks in advance. Feeling rather muddled and frustrated over here! x

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