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PCOS but have regular periods

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ChangeMaNameTooMuch Wed 08-Jul-20 11:21:23

I'm 28, I've known ive had PCOS since 2014. I was having an early scan due to previous losses and was talking about my past losses with the sonographer, she had a look at my ovaries and showed me and said it looked like i had PCOS. I'd vaguely heard of PCOS but didn't know much about it and as I was pregnant I didn't really think much about it ( although it did explain the miscarriges )

I've been with my partner for nearly 3 years now and we have been trying for the last year and nothing is happening! I have periods every single month, I am very regular to say I have PCOS. I am 5'2 and 8st 8lb so a healthy weight, I go for walks every day and I eat fairly healthy ( I'm a sucker for sugary brews ) I am particularly hairy and have to pluck around 40!! Hairs from chin and neck every other week and have bad acne on my forhead so I do have symptons,

Aside from stopping drinking cups of tea what else can I do? I'm 30 next year, I feel like my clock is ticking!

Ive been to the GP about it but their not very interested or helpful, they printed off a sheet from the NHS website about PCOS and sent me on my way. I feel like they dont take me seriously because I'm not overweight, have children already and dont go in with my beard and moustache!

I have pondered if it is my partner as I was with my ex for 7 years and had 9 pregnancys during that time. ( 2 living children, 1 stillborn )

But I feel a rush about it, i dont know why but it feels like im running out of time!
How do we go about getting my partner tested for his sperm count?

Thank you for reading

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PlanBea Wed 08-Jul-20 13:49:10

Try not to stress about your age. Fertility doesn't have a cliff edge where you go from super fertile to barren because you've moved up an age bracket.

Have you had other scans for PCOS or just the one? I had a cyst about 15 years ago and haven't had any problematic ones since. You can have multiple follicles each month with one or more eggs released (hence twins!) So because you had cysts at that scan it doesn't necessarily mean that is the cause of you struggling to get pregnant.

When did you see your doctor? Once it's been a year of trying your GP should refer you for a CD21 progesterone test and your partner for a sperm analysis. Has your partner fathered a child before? Different CCGs have different requirements for referral to fertility clinics but having already had children tends to prevent you from being referred onwards, but I don't see why they wouldn't do the blood tests (someone else can possibly confirm this).

It's super frustrating not being pregnant when you've spent most your adult life being told to take every precaution to avoid getting pregnant. Do you do cycle tracking? Also reading taking charge of your fertility is a great resource for understanding your body and how to optimise it for pregnancy. Good luck!

ChangeMaNameTooMuch Wed 08-Jul-20 16:08:26


Try not to stress about your age. Fertility doesn't have a cliff edge where you go from super fertile to barren because you've moved up an age bracket

Logically i know ive probably got another 15/20 years but everything inside me keeps telling me ive not got long left. I know its silly,

No it was just the one scan. I had an appointment booked for tests to find the cause of recurrent miscarriges but it was around a week after id been shown the PCOS, as I was already pregnant I decided to cancel it as I assumed they were just going to say it was the PCOS.

6 years down the line i wish I'd gone to the appointment as I have no doubt doctors would take me a little bit more seriously now if I could say id had A B and C tests. At the time i didn't realise there was far more to PCOS than miscarriges and struggling to conceive.

I saw my doctor around 6 months ago. Can I ask to be reffered or do they have to have it on their system that you've mentioned it for over a year at appointments?

No my partner hasnt fathered a child before but this is the first time hes tried for a baby

Yes I have a tracking app and it is spot on with when im due on ect. It has best ovulation/fertility dates ect,

Yes it is! I spent years on the Depo injection and then it took years to have my DD. It's very frustrating.

Thank you for replying

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PlanBea Wed 08-Jul-20 16:19:31

@ChangeMaNameTooMuch now it's been a year the doctor should take it more seriously. I just had a phonecall with my GP, they checked how long I'd been trying for and have booked me in for a blood test with their nurse and a sperm analysis for my DH at the biomedical centre. 80% of couples conceive within a year, so because you haven't doesn't necessarily mean you won't, just that this journey is a little longer for you. Doctors don't get involved until it's been at least a year, unless you're over 35. I know it's easy to say "oh, maybe it will just take a little longer", when you're living it it's much harder!

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