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37 and understanding ovulation test result

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CakeAndBubbles Tue 07-Jul-20 10:12:31

Hi ladies, hope you can help. I'm TTC my first child using home insemination (syringe) for various reasons. This is our second cycle doing this. My cycles are normally quite long so I normally use the glow app to track my cycles and have now started using the Clearblue OPK (the pink test, not advanced so no flashing smileys, just solid). I took my first test Sunday evening 9.30 and was surprised to get a solid smiley straight away as I was testing a few days earlier than I would need to in my cycle. So we inseminated that evening, and then again the next evening (Monday evening). Should I be inseminating again tonight? I ask because I thought getting the smiley on Sunday meant I would ovulate the next day Monday so tonight would be too late? Thanks in advance, I can't seem to find a straight answer online xx

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CakeAndBubbles Tue 07-Jul-20 10:14:05

Oh and I definitely had egg white CM yesterday (sorry if TMI). Not sure if that means yesterday was ovulation day or a day leading up to ovulation.

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Kay00 Tue 07-Jul-20 10:29:39

Hi @CakeAndBubbles I think you can ovulate between 24 - 72 hours after your LH surge (solid smiley) so to be on the safe side I would inseminate again today smile I have already read that EWCM stops after ovulation so, if you had it yesterday then perhaps ovulation day was yesterday or today. Good luck!!

CakeAndBubbles Tue 07-Jul-20 11:12:16

Thank you so much Kay! I will do it again today to be on the safe side. smile

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