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My boobs are so painful help!

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Namechange23432 Mon 06-Jul-20 22:03:56

I might be pregnant with my second child... My boobs are so painful! Not sore but like almost as if they're bruised and stretched! I don't remember feeling this with my boobs with my first pregnancy. Period is due on 19th July. I've been feeling very motion sick which I had with first child and stomach been feeling weird. It feels harder than normal where my previous c section scar is. Sorry TMI I've had a bit of discharge more than usual too. Been quite grouchy as well. My mum has just died a few weeks ago too so might be my feelings all over the place and may not even be pregnant at all. Would it be wise to put like Sudocream on my nipples will it help? Or what else could help? I feel like I should know all this as had a child 7 years ago but feels like it's all new to me again!

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Namechange23432 Mon 06-Jul-20 22:09:57

Gonna brave the sudocream I think! Literally was in tears earlier they were that painful!

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bobisbored Mon 06-Jul-20 22:15:46

Sorry about your mum. thanks
My boobs are often very sore just after ovulation until I get my period. I find taking my bra off and having a warm bath helps. I'm not sure sudocrem would help unless it's the skin that's sore or damaged.

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