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I'd like to hear what people think!

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Libbyvmama Mon 06-Jul-20 19:29:00

I'm driving myself mad to be honest! I know it's silly but it's just hard not to!!

Ever since a day or two after I ovulated (estimated by an app) I spotted for 3 days, I've had back ache, belly ache, all the weird twinges on the right side of my back and pelvis area, my boobs are veiny! Not very sore but have felt a little bit more sensitive, I've got period like cramps most of the time... and I'm very tired all the time, and headaches!😫

Today is 1 week since I've 'ovulated' - my period is due in 8 days. I tested today (silly I know) and I got a BFN,
Can people share their experiences? Does mine sound similar to anyone else's? I'm staying hopeful but seeing the bfn is always a bummer sad I know it's too early etc but yeah sad I've got so many symptoms and I'm definitely not imagining them! Haha.

Thank you in advance!

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BeachCheese Mon 06-Jul-20 19:34:52

@Libbyvmama I'd recommend waiting the 2 weeks post ovulation/the day of your missed period and testing then.

Both times I thought I was pregnant I wasn't, and the time that I thought I wasn't I was, so your brain can play tricks on you.

Also, most losses happen before the day of your missed period, so testing later saves you the potential heartache of seeing a very faint positive and then gradually watching it fade day by day.

That, and you'll get a proper, strong BFP if you test on the day of your missed period, rather than faffing about squinting at what could be a faint line, or could just be an evaporation mark.

That's just my two pennies though, best if luck smile

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