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Pregnant or not?

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bibs124 Mon 06-Jul-20 18:24:01

I think you probably are pregnant OP! Take another test tomorrow to know for sure then contact your doctor back smile

Sophs10 Mon 06-Jul-20 18:16:00

@bibs124 hi do you think i am pregnant the doctor said you can get false postive but I tested different days even in the evening and tried that calculation test today. Reason I am do Edgar im due to get married. thank you for the reply

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bibs124 Mon 06-Jul-20 18:07:47

Hi OP, if your last period was 12th June you'd be very early stages of pregnancy - perhaps that is why it hasn't showed up at the doctors? You're probably only 10 DPO if you had an average cycle.. I'd wait a few more days and then test again smile

Sophs10 Mon 06-Jul-20 18:06:55

Ps the lines were more clear the faded throughout time

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Sophs10 Mon 06-Jul-20 18:03:49

Thoughts please. My last period was 12th June.
About a week later I had mild cramping and spotting when I wipe for a few days on and off so I took a test postive. I then called the doctor concerend about the cramping and apotting as I never get period cramps they said leave a sample in

I took the urine sample and I dipped it with a clear blue pregnancy test before giving it to the doctor and it came up postive.

It was not my morning urine it was from 4pm

So 2 days afrer I called for results and they said negative? But I tested postive before with the same urine i then passed one random blood clot and nothing then since

So I tested again today and another postive result and a oregnant 1-2 weeks on a clear blue digital calculation test?

What do I think or believe I know i should wait but dose this happen i never bave spotting or cramps

Thoughts ps my breats are so sore I never felt this before either

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