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Anyone tracking BBT? Help please?

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LT103 Fri 03-Jul-20 20:24:41

This is my first month tracking bbt and using opk. Just looking for some help?
I had high opk on cd12 and peak on cd13 (high again cd14 then low). I had cramping just after peak with some spotting On cd14 which my app says was ovulation day based on temp.
Is the dip in temperature normal at 3dpo. I’ve read lots of things and various causes but wasn’t sure which was correct.
I had some more cramping 2-4 dpo and spotted a lot 3dpo which has now stopped. I guess I was wondering if my ovulation day was correct but of it was later than I thought it would be 4 days after peak opk which seems wrong and def no peaks again after the one on cd13.

I’m mainly doing this this month out of interest and just to get an idea of my cycle.
Any ideas?

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PlanBea Fri 03-Jul-20 20:34:24

Did you have any changes to your usual routine on 3dpo? Went to bed later/got up earlier/had a few drinks the night before? Sometimes a one off drop like that can be attributed to external factors. I've also had a drop when I had my mouth a little open when temping (I had a slightly stuffy nose in my defence and couldn't breathe!)

The overall trend is what's important with bbt, and one off skewed readings generally can be omitted from your chart

LT103 Fri 03-Jul-20 20:36:00

@PlanBea thanks. Nothing different that I’m aware of. Taken at same time before getting up and about. Good to know that you can just ignore the odd readings tho. That will stop me overanalysing 😂

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