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Beginner's Guide to temperature spotting/charting: Can you help?

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poppysocks Wed 26-Sep-07 21:41:21

DD was an accident so have no idea (beyond the obvious!) how we got so lucky.

Have decided to try for DC2 so had my (copper) coil removed last month. Now that we've finally decided to get on with it we want to give ourselves the best chance!


Have been looking through old threads but can't find any basic info about temperature charting (is that what it's called? - hope you know what I mean). Silly things: what sort of thermometer blush, when to take a reading, how long does it take? Really embarrassed by my ignorance and stupidity of questions. blush

Have tried keeping an eye on CM this month, but there was only a bit of the elasticy stuff on and off for a few days around day 11/12 - nothing since and it's day 20. Could there be a problem? (Cycle usually 28-31 days)

Any advice gratefully received!

Wilkie Wed 26-Sep-07 21:44:35

Take temp first thing with a digital thermometer, takes about 3 mins. Digital thermometers are about a fiver from boots.


beansprout Wed 26-Sep-07 21:46:30

You need a basal thermometer. They are available on the interweb.
Take your temp first thing before you do ANYTHING else, including sitting up, saying hello, etc etc. Keep the thermometer within reach so you can just reach across and do this. Also take it at the same time every morning. When your temp increases, this signifies that you have ovulated.

As for your EWCM, that sounds fine. It should be at its thickest when you are about to ovulate, so day 11/12 sounds about right (not all of us ovulate on the classic day 14). If you have sex every day or every other day from about day 7 until you have ovulated, that should about cover it.

There is LOADS of info on the conception threads and most of all, good luck!! smile

poppysocks Wed 26-Sep-07 21:51:32

Thanks so much Wilkie and Beansprout.

All v. exciting!

Wilkie Wed 26-Sep-07 21:52:52

I am charting my temp ATM as I have very long cycles (33-35 days) - mainly for interest. Not TTC just yet! DS is only 8 months.

beansprout Wed 26-Sep-07 21:54:04

Temping worked for me. I ovulate fairly early and have quite an erratic cycle.

I also swear by drinking a glass of grapefruit juice every morning as it thickens the CM, but that's getting v serious!!

poppysocks Wed 26-Sep-07 22:00:51

Serious is good for me! Any other tips?

Wilkie Wed 26-Sep-07 22:16:50

Stop having sex 3/4 days before OV (once established when it is) for a girl, have sex on day of OV for boy

poppysocks Wed 26-Sep-07 22:40:08

Ooh thanks. Not sure we have a preference - or the same one anyway! Food for thought though....

Piffle Wed 26-Sep-07 22:42:13

you really really need a copy of the ttc bible
Toni Weschlers book
Taking Charge of your fertility

worked for me aftr 3 yrs of trying

debinaustria Thu 27-Sep-07 06:32:04

I chart using[]. it gives you a trial membership so you could use it for a month to get you started. You can also sign up for their newsletters/lessons. I never usually pay for websites though so I'm only using it whilst it's free!!


mamalex Thu 27-Sep-07 11:12:11

I am charting on Fertilityfriend too. This is my second cycle and I find it very useful. As Deb said you get a free month VIP trial, but after that you can still chart free on the basic charting.

poppysocks Thu 27-Sep-07 15:26:03

Thank you for you the pointers. Lots to do now getting started!

GardenAngel4 Mon 01-Oct-07 19:47:11

I am an avid fan of thermometers - worked first shot for DD (not unfortunately this time for TTC no2).

I use Clearblue OPKs and a thermometer from Boots and I just print charts off from the internet and fill them in every day...yawn.

Basically, take temp first thing in the mornign before getting up, going to the loo, drinking etc and do OPK around the same time every day - around 12 noon is apparently a good time (and stop drinking at least 2 hours beforehand). The two bits of information can help you pinpoint that crucial 48 hours. bon chance!

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