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Line eyes anyone?

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Motherwifesisterfriendwomen Fri 03-Jul-20 00:48:58

Free taken at 9-10 dpo last pee of the day

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latheritup Fri 03-Jul-20 01:11:19

Sorry I don't see anything but it is early days. Test again soon, good luck.

Motherwifesisterfriendwomen Fri 03-Jul-20 12:33:18

I'm sure theres something there. Anyone else?

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justanotherneighinparadise Fri 03-Jul-20 12:35:16

I honestly couldn’t say. I sort of know what you mean but I think n it’s negative OP 😔

Threnody Fri 03-Jul-20 12:40:29

There's maybe a shadow, but I can't see any colour. I'd take another with FMU

BPT2019 Fri 03-Jul-20 13:04:57

I feel like I see something, did you try again today? X

Motherwifesisterfriendwomen Fri 03-Jul-20 14:44:33

Turns out it was evap or me seeing things as I started my period today early

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