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Will my pregnancy test be accurate?

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Nannon145 Wed 01-Jul-20 19:32:45

This morning, I got up at 3am so I took a urine sample and then left it in the bathroom and then at 7am, I took the pregnancy test and it was negative. I just wanted to make sure if this pregnancy test would have been accurate because it was left out for so long at room temperature? Please anyone else have you done this and what happened?

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Nannon145 Wed 01-Jul-20 19:49:31


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userabcname Wed 01-Jul-20 19:52:02

Yes it will be I think (unless it's a dud test). A positive test doesn't disappear or fade, at least in my experience anyway.

chubbyhotchoc Wed 01-Jul-20 19:58:46

Yes the hormone will still be in the urine no matter how long you left it out

Nannon145 Wed 01-Jul-20 20:04:44

That’s great, thank you both. I thought that would be the case but just wanted to make sure 🙂

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