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Jelly like cervical mucus

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Lmac2018 Tue 30-Jun-20 23:26:31

Hey ladies, so this would class me as 9 months of being off the implant and overall we've only tried PROPERLY like 3/4 months out of then and the rest were just like well take it as it is, this month I've decided not to track my ovulation with opks and to wait till my period is late to test. So on cd13 I had jelly cervical mucus, like proper jelly mucus and then had dry days for the next few days and then today had some more jelly mucus so just wondering if my body tried to ovukate but couldn't? My best friend just told me she's pregnant yesterday, she's 6 weeks along and she wasn't even trying she smokes and everything so I don't understand! I hope this month it happens because then me and my friend can be pregnant at the same time!

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