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Looking for some advice please

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Hailsxx Tue 30-Jun-20 22:01:55

Hi Ladies

I dont know if I'm in the right place or not but I'm just looking for abit of advice or if anyone has experienced similar

After I had my second daughter I got the merina coil in Jan 2016 I've never had any problems up until a couple of months ago, My period never stopped I've got them every month without fail ranging from 25-30 days but back in Feb I had to have a colposcopy and biopsy done on my cervix due to my doctor noticing an abnormality during a smear test turns out its cervical erosion and nothing to worry about (apparently it's very common)

But this is where things start to change after I had the biopsy I had a 3 day period not like my normal 5-6 day AF just spotting, March 21 day cycle AF came early and normal
April- Nothing, thought it was strange so I gave it a week and then when it didnt show up I done a pregnancy test and to my shock it came back very faint positive waited 48hrs and another faint positive again another 48hrs another positive so I called my doctor and due to lockdown I could only have a phone call with her she confirmed it and told me signs to look out for ectopic/miscarriage as it's common with merina come the 7th of may I started bleeding and it got heavier/lots of clots Doctor confirmed Miscarriage

I still havnt had AF since May I had 1 day of brown discharge at the start of june and then nothing else I'm now on cycle day 55 with no sign of her showing I done a pregnancy test last thursday and it was negative and again saturday and negitive again (just ruling it out)

My question is could the merina stopping my period after 4 and half years?
Could the colposcopy and biopsy have effected my coil? Or could the Misscarrage have effected my cycle so I just haven't ovulated? I'm very confused!!!!

I will be speaking to my doctor next week as I am getting an ultrasound on friday to check a cyst I have so when she is giving me my results I will go through everything with her but just looking for some advice from you lovely ladies or anyone been in a similar situation

TIA xx

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