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Any neg FRER 13days after sex success stories?

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FlyRobinFly Tue 30-Jun-20 21:49:52

I know generally they are considered the Crème de la crème of pregnancy tests but I think my circumstances may be slightly unusual. I had sex just once this fertile window, on CD14 on June 12th. I have no idea when I ovulated but did experience ovulation like cramps on CD16. I had a chemical in March, and since then my 28 day cycles have been 33 days. So CD16 sounds about right for OV. I took a FRER on CD27 (June 25th) has , BFN. Not even a hint of a line. I am now CD32 with no sign of period coming but have decided to hold out until CD40 to test.

Would you say considering my circumstances I should consider the FRER accurate? Or am I in white a chance? Opinions and experiences appreciated. Thanks x

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FlyRobinFly Wed 01-Jul-20 00:26:37


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