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Clear Blue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test Help!

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MJM1608 Tue 30-Jun-20 20:46:15

Hi all,

I’ve been following this site silently for a few months & looking for some help. So comforting to read so many people in the same position as me.

We are TTC baby #1, this month is cycle 5 - no one tells you how much of a minefield this process is! My cycles are around 29-31 days.

Two months ago I moved from clear blue digital ovulation test (pink) to the advanced test (purple). When using the pink test I had a peak ovulation (took the test in the afternoon). The past two months using the advanced tests I’ve taken the test first thing in the morning (as advised) and only had fertile days (flashing smiley - about 6/7 days) never a peak. Do you take the test in the afternoon too to catch your surge? They aren’t cheap tests so would really appreciate advice on this!

I’m hoping i ovulated this month & DTD every other day around that time but also afraid I missed it or didn’t ovulate.

Thanks!! x

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