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Really bad cramps 2dpo

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ty1996 Sun 28-Jun-20 18:23:41

Had my IUD Removed on the 5th of June, had my first period on the 11th-14th and then started to track my ovulation with OPK and clear blue digital, I have been DTD every other day, occasionally a few nights in a row, leading up to ovulating. Positive opk and clear blue tests on 25th June, and today I have had really dull cramping on my right side and back pains. What is going on😭 am I only just ovulating? I dunno what's happening, AF not due for 15 days, but it feels like the cramping I get the day before!

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Vividdreamer88 Sun 28-Jun-20 18:43:18

It could just be your body reacting to changes in hormones. Super tmi but I sometimes get IBS type pain after I ovulate apparently because the rising progesterone can slow down your gut and cause discomfort. I notice it way more since TTC last month I was googling like mad to see if you can implant after 3 days.
Was it copper IUD or hormonal? If it was hormonal could just be everything going back to normal?

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