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7dpo what do you think ?

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Mcbee26 Sun 28-Jun-20 14:20:33

Super early I know but I just can’t help myself what do u reckon ?

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Irishgene Sun 28-Jun-20 14:25:06

Is the line pink? I've had lines on frer before but they were grey and an evap. Xx

Mcbee26 Sun 28-Jun-20 14:27:39

@Irishgene it has a pink tinge xx

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ShalomToYouJackie Sun 28-Jun-20 14:38:51

Looks positive

Boredinthehouse12 Sun 28-Jun-20 14:49:37

It doesn’t look like an evap line to me, although 7 days it quite early. When will you be retesting? Fingers crossed for you!

Mcbee26 Sun 28-Jun-20 14:55:53

@boredinthehouse12 I will test again in a couple of days. Iv just ordered more frers that arrive on tues so will test again then xxx eekkkk

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Alonelonelyloner Sun 28-Jun-20 15:40:26

Looks like a positive to me! I've had them at 8dpo. Congratulations!

mummy2myJJ Sun 28-Jun-20 15:40:42

Looking positive to me, hope it gets darker for you on Tuesday! good luck x

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