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Progesterone and TTC

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Florencetay2020 Sat 27-Jun-20 20:43:26

Hi everyone!

I really hope someone can help me as going a bit mad here.

I have problems with pregnancy where I’m prone to miscarriages early and later on. I’m seeing a doctor who has advised that in addition to some medications to help with the problem I have, I should take progesterone as well

they’ve said I should start taking it on the first day I ovulate. Then for the following 10 days after which I have to do a pregnancy test - if negative stop the progesterone- is positive continue.

I waited a little longer as I was nervous to stop did multiple tests all negative so I stopped, 12dpo.

However, after stopping the progesterone on Thursday, I’ve started bleeding today which I googled and it said was normal. Extra lining being shed! For some reason I freaked out a little as technically my period isn’t due for another few days and just wanted to Be 💯 sure - so I did another test and got a Positive!!

Very confused - can’t spk to the doctor till Monday.

Is this a pregnancy I have basically ruined by stopping the progesterone when I was actually pregnant? Or is this just a weird mistake and actually I’m about to get my period??

Thanks everyone!!!! Xx

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