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Breastfeeding toddler and trying to conveive

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hf79 Fri 26-Jun-20 15:20:38

ood morning: question about trying to conceive and breastfeeding. Trying to conceive our second child for a few months and no results so far. The first was very easy. We finally decided to consult an IVF Doctor Who suggested that breastfeeding my toddler is probably not helping. She is only breastfeeding very little in the morning, once a day. She is 2 and a half so probably it wouldn't harm stopping but I and she still enjoy it! Should I stop? My periods are regular and I believe I ovulate every time, judging from positive looks. I even conceived in December but sadly had an early miscarriage. Only thing, I am 40, which also probably doesn't help..
Any advice? Any experiencing of very little breastfeeding harming chances for a conception? Thanks in advance!

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Janefx40 Sat 27-Jun-20 13:30:40


I don't have definite answers for you but my IVF clinic didn't think it would make much difference at this stage - ie at this point (18 months) breastfeeding is so well established and periods are regular. They insisted I stop before doing a frozen embryo transfer but only in case they end up having to give me drugs that weren't suitable for breastfeeding. Other clinics insist on stopping 2 months prior in case prolactin levels interfere with conception. I know you're not doing IVF but I figured the advice of the clinics might be relevant anyway!

I'm 43 and after having my baby my cycles were shorter - 25 days instead of 27-28. I thought this was because I was aging but since I stopped breastfeeding I had a 27 day cycle. Could be coincidence of course but I did find a website that suggested breastfeeding could shorten your luteal phase and that could potentially affect conception. But again this may not be accurate and may not affect you either.

This is the site I looked at but I have no idea how reliable it is. Don't let it freak you out as I know plenty of women who have got pregnant breastfeeding a baby. I was just looking up breastfeeding and luteal phases and was interested in what she said about that.

Hope it helps


KatnissK Sat 27-Jun-20 13:39:42

I'm not sure but my personal experience - bf ds1. Periods returned at 11mo (regular, once a month, seemed 'normal' so assumed I was ovualting). Started ttc dc2 after dc1's 1st birthday. Finally stopped bf when ds1 was 18mo. The following cycle, I fell pregnant. Could have been coincidence but interesting timing.

hf79 Sun 28-Jun-20 09:22:46

Thank you both. Well, actually I have a feeling I might be pregnant. Will test on Monday. I would be so relieved if that was the case! I am quite attached to those moments with my daughter even though she hardly asks for it now. I have always wanted weaning to be a fully natural process. My periods did also get shorter after having my daughter. They resumed 5 months after birth despite exclusive breastdeeding and producing a lot of milk, with the same length as before but then shortened by 2 days a few months after. I also put that down to ageing and maybe stress. Now they seem to lengthen again, not sure why. But I know that my luteal phase was always 12 days, it was the follicular phase that changed. Thanks again and please keep your fingers crossed for me!. all the best!

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Hushabusha Sun 28-Jun-20 09:24:54

I'm bf toddler - 2y 8m on demand and am pregnant. My period returned when he was 2. Took about 6 months to conceive, in line with my other pregnancies. Good luck!

mylittlebean2019 Sun 28-Jun-20 09:28:53

I’m still bf my 17 month DD. On cycle 2 of TTC but started bleeding early so assuming I haven’t been lucky this month. Some of my friends who were TTC were also BFing when they conceived. Interestingly they said that being pregnant made their milk change so their LOs weaned off the boob themselves!

Janefx40 Mon 29-Jun-20 09:34:58

Good luck with the test @hf79

Hopefully you can continue with the previous breastfeeds. It is such a special time! Although I have to say giving up wasn't as bad as I was expecting so if you do have to, I'm sure it'll be ok for you too


hf79 Mon 29-Jun-20 17:01:43

Thank you everyone for your answers and YES! I am pregnant.. wow! Just being very cautious because of my age.. but fingers crossed all will be well this time! Obviously posting on here has brought me good luck smile
Just wondering now, my breasts don't feel nearly as painful as they were with my first pregnancy. I wonder whether that happens because the breasts are effectively already making milk so there is a lot less prepping to do.. any experience?
The tenderness is very mild and I barely feel it if I put pressure. Would really appreciate hearing from others who have conceived while breastfeeding.
Many thanks in advance

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Janefx40 Mon 29-Jun-20 18:51:03

@hf79 congratulations! I'm afraid I can't answer your questions but am really pleased for you and hoping all goes well from here on xxx

Somethingsnappy Mon 29-Jun-20 19:10:47

Hi OP. Big congratulations! I thought I'd reply as I'm pregnant with my 4th (a surprise at 43!!). My last three pregnancies were conceived whilst still breastfeeding the previous toddler! It's always happened for me after my periods regulated again after returning. Feeding a toddler, especially when it's become quite infrequent, doesn't seem to make a difference to conceiving as far as I know.
Interestingly though, I literally just stopped feeding my 2 year old a few days ago. We were only doing it once a day at that stage, last thing in the evening. My milk dried up almost completely quite suddenly. Milk supply commonly decreases by about the 4th month if pregnancy. In my case, a decrease meant it disappeared!

Somethingsnappy Mon 29-Jun-20 19:12:28

P.s. yes, definitely significantly less breast tenderness during pregnancy whilst breastfeeding!

hf79 Tue 30-Jun-20 11:58:47

Thank you both! and congratulations to you Somethinggsnappy.. smile) that is amazing. How many weeks are you? Wishing you the very best for a happy and healthy pregnancy x

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Somethingsnappy Tue 30-Jun-20 15:36:04

I'm nearly 14 weeks, OP!
How are you feeling today?

hf79 Tue 30-Jun-20 21:35:07

Fantastic! It is so nice to hear that women can continue to make these miracles into their forties smile I am feeling ok. Just mildly paranoid, closely watching my burping and other very mild signs, a sense of pressure in my womb.. keeping my fingers crossed. Blood test scheduled for tomorrow and trying to relax and trust what will be. It is so nice to connect at this time.. how about you?

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