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Desperate for advice!

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daisychain1620 Fri 26-Jun-20 11:20:26

I'm going round in circles and so confused!
I first did a frer test almost two weeks ago now with a faint positive. I couldn't believe it as I'm on the pill and did another one straight away with the same line. I tested the next few days and by the wed(so 5 days later) it was more obvious, picture posted. I also used a few other brands over the following few days, same faint line. The gp did a urine sample two days after my first frer and said it was negative but admitted that the frer are usually more sensitive and to retest myself in about a week. Last sat (so one week after the first test) the line was still there but I feel it's more faint. I did a clear blue digital yesterday and said not pregnant and i can't get my hands on any frer tests this week to compare.
My issue is all the tests can't be wrong or have evap lines, etc and if it was a chemical surely I would start to have a bleed by now and my concern is that the raised HCG could be due to health issues such as cancer. Getting an appointment with gp is a nightmare at the mo although I'm trying to get booked in.
Anyone have any experience with this type of thing?
Thanks for reading this essay!

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daisychain1620 Fri 26-Jun-20 11:21:25

Oh here's the test from Wednesday week ago

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QS88 Fri 26-Jun-20 13:23:59

Yes, the I can see a proper line on the frer (assuming it was read within the allocated timeframe?) - in my experience these are the most reliable tests. Clear Blue digitals are not as sensitive, so take more days to show up - that said, I would have thought it should still pick up a positive if your first positive was a week before. Really sorry, but sounds like the HGC isn't doubling like it should if this is the case. I think even chemical pregnancies can take a while to end. I only know this as when I was TTC I was following a lot of posts about "is this an evap or positive line?" and a few women seemed to have had this issue. I'm not sure about the cancer query, but if you have reason to believe this might be the case then speak to your GP - they are encouraging people not to put off getting tested for cancer if needed (although I'm sure it is unlikely this is what's wrong). Hope you manage to get something sorted soon.

daisychain1620 Fri 26-Jun-20 13:35:21

Thanks for your reply, I'm just so confused. I'm going to try to get my hand on a frer and hope for either a strong line or nothing at all. These faint lines are a mind melt

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